Ermahgerd! Snowmageddon! #socs #JusJoJan

Ah, yes, winter in the South. It was warm most of the early part of this week, then it started raining and getting cold yesterday. Then the sun set and the rain changed to sleet, then to snow. We got about two inches of snow overnight, and I swear, when that happens here, you’d think the world was coming to an end.

Now in most parts of the United States and definitely in Canada, two inches of snow is no big deal, right? I mean, look at this.

My backyard, taken about five minutes ago

I mean, you can still see part of my lawn. To someone who grew up in Chicago, this is nothing!

Now, you come down South, this is a Major Snow Event. They’ve been preparing for this all week. Already, the schools in my county are closed for at least this Monday. Mary talked to someone yesterday that said the produce section at Publix was stripped bare. Do you realize what that means? Even the kohlrabi was gone. Our weather people (called meteorologists, even though few of them have the training) are in full storm mode. No one is on the road; that’d be taking their lives and those of their loved ones in their hands.

And, of course, by Friday temperatures will be close to 70° (that’s 21 in the centigrade world). I won’t even need a coat. (You knew I was going to get the prompt into the post, right?)

Understand, we’re not going anywhere. I can’t get down the front stairs because they’re iced over, and that’s the only way I get out of the house. Naturally, our house faces north, meaning the sun is behind the house, therefore the stairs are in the shadow and won’t get any sunlight. So I’ll have to wait until it warms up and rains to get rid of the snow, or until Mary pours hot water on them to melt the ice and snow. That should be about midweek.


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20 thoughts on “Ermahgerd! Snowmageddon! #socs #JusJoJan

  1. John, you have the south pegged purfectly. I remember when we moved to Knoxville and our first experience with the city wide near panic of the mention of snow. The first time they cancelled city schools because it flurried threw me into hysterics. I grew up in southern WV where we prayed for the snowplow to breakdown which never did and we had to go to school. Everyone strapped chains on, including the bus drivers so icing wasn’t an issue either. We were doomed with no such thing as a snow day. Lol. We got about 3-5 inches Friday night. These horrible frigid temps is making life miserable but the upside is our forecast looks good beginning Tuesday with a steady improvement expected each day. I can’t wait!


    1. It’s supposed to be 70 by Thursday here.

      I grew up in Chicago, where the only thing that could close the schools was a major snowstorm like we had in 1967, where we officially got two feet of snow (I think it was more like three feet, but then we lived close to the lake and the official snowfall amount was recorded a few miles inland). That’s also when my dad died, so we were out of school, anyway…


  2. Love this post, John. We southerners just don’t know how to handle snow and ice. πŸ™‚ I blame part of it on the media. They make such a big deal out of everything but then I guess they have to because there will always be someone that wants to defy mother nature. It’s 15 degrees in Roswell, Ga, which is pretty chilly for this area but as you say, it will be in the 60’s next week. Crazy weather.


    1. I’m from Chicago, and after the first time driving in ice and snow here I said forget it, it’s not worth it. Someone told me up front that when it snows here, almost everyone stays home and waits for it to melt, and I think that might be the best way to handle it.

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  3. Oh boy, do I ever get this…we did manage to get 5 inches at our house, so it ALMOST justifies the hysteria, but I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to get the kids back into school by Thursday…


    1. Most of ours is already gone. We got nowhere near the amount of snow we were expecting; there were some pretty hilarious comments about it on Twitter (I think some were using the hash tag #atlsnow). Hope you get the kids back soon.


  4. Well, you did it. You made me laugh out loud with the kohlrabi being snatched up from the supermarkets. πŸ™‚ It’s true around here, too, with the forecast of a dusting of snow, people freak out. I think I heard we set a record of car accidents yesterday. People just don’t have any idea of how to drive in the stuff.


  5. Very funny, JOHN. I literally GOL’d (Guffawed-Out-Loud).

    Here in Reno, we’ve gotten 3 straight days of snow. This is all obviously a result of that Global Warming. Allah’s Unholy Trousers, what’re we gonna do? Mankind be heatin’ up the planet and we all gwanna freeze to death… All except them Polar Bears — they must grinning from tooth to fang.

    ~ D-FensDogG
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  6. You’d think there’d be more of us who’d had a north-south winter experience, but it seems not. My mother (Tallahassee native) hated the snow and cold, so when she moved to Florida, she moved to where snow was nearly impossible. Although, I did see they built a firepit…I guess it got below 60 or somethin, lol!
    There’s more than 2″ out there in Indy right now, well below freezing and life goes on, cause plows and salt. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, you stay in and keep warm.


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