The Fifth Anniversary Week That Was (Including Battle of the Bands Results)

Today’s edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by the Royal Bank. When you succeed, we succeed.

The Week That Was

I checked it out and yes, last Thursday was the fifth anniversary of The Sound of One Hand Typing.


Let’s see what’s gone on in the last week…


I have the results from last Sunday’s Battle, which was between Lambert, Hendricks, and Bavan and Stevelawrence and Eydie Gormé, the song being Steve Allen’s “This Could Be The Start Of Something.” I’m not certain whether Steve and Eydie were that good or Lambert, Hendricks, and Bavan were that bad, but it was a shutout.

Lambert, Hendricks, and Bavan: 0
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gormé: 10

Congratulations, Steve and Eydie, and well done, Lambert, Hendricks, and Bavan.

The prompt was to play songs that expressed how I wanted thing to work out in 2017.


The prompt was to identify our “growing up” moment. I pointed back to a post I had done last year, which had nothing about how it made me grow up, then filled in the blank.


I featured the late Debbie Reynolds as my first chanteuse of 2017.


My cat Jasmine, who hasn’t been doing well for a while now, headed to the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday. She was special to me, and I miss her terribly already. Thanks for your expressions of sympathy. Here’s the picture I was looking for, from happier and sillier days.

I shared my top twelve blog posts from 2016, based on the number of comments I received on them because I didn’t know how else to decide. I got some good feedback on what I could do to improve things, including not posting every day. I’m not sure I want to do that, but I’ll take it under advisement.

The two things that tied Friday’s five songs together were that they were all released in 1966, and all of the bands had the “garage band” sound. The third might be that none of them had another hit.


We had snow here in the Atlanta area overnight on Friday, and by sunrise on Saturday the whole town was socked in. Actually it wasn’t, prompting a few pithy comments to the Atlanta meteorologists on Twitter (check #atlsnow and #atlweather for some of them). The snow is practically gone now, but my front stairs are still covered with it, meaning I’m stuck inside until we figure out how to clear the stairs. The high tomorrow is forecast at around 40°, and by the end of the week they’re forecasting 70°. Looks like I’ll be getting out very soon.

Linda Hill’s blogging extravaganza, Just Jot It January, started last Sunday. Besides Wednesday and Sunday, here were the prompts.

  • Sunday: The prompt was “spider,” and I remembered that David Bowie’s backup band in the Seventies was The Spiders From Mars, so I played a track from Aladdin Sane, “The Jean Genie.”
  • Monday: The word was “time,” and I pontificated on what time actually is, an illusion.
  • Tuesday: The word was “warning,” so I shared a thing I had written where I took all the phrases from warnings on household products and TV.
  • Thursday: The word was “spangly,” and I shared the AT&T commercial about “bedazzling,” one of the funnier ones in their series featuring Milana Vayntrub as Lily, the customer service person in the AT&T store.
  • Friday: I took the prompt, “tangible,” out for a walk.

Thanks to all who commented last week. Go visit their blogs!

So that’s a quick look at last week. I tried to be brief, and I’d appreciate any suggestions on it.

18 thoughts on “The Fifth Anniversary Week That Was (Including Battle of the Bands Results)

  1. John, WOW, you had a total shut-out last time! I don’t think that’s ever happened in one of my battles. I always enjoyed watching Steve and Edyie perform when I was a kid. They had beautiful voices and I always thought they were so much in love. 🙂


    1. PS: I have a question about your Just Jot It January contribution is this a meme for only this month or does it continue throughout the year? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun if I can manage to work it into my posts. 🙂


  2. Happy Fifth Anniversary! That’s great! You are a very committed blogger, that’s for sure. I admire your tenacity.
    Sorry about the shutout but it happens. I nearly had one too…
    That’s a beautiful picture of Jasmine. Such a pretty kitty! Hope the tears and sorrow are being replaced with happy memories of your years spent together…

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. Oh yeah… Jasmine was a real goof sometimes. She would pin her ears back and run around the house. One day she took off out of the house and ran down the block with me in hot pursuit. When I caught up with her she doubled back and ran back into the house. Maybe that’s what I miss the most.


  3. Thanks for the shout out:) your pussy cat looks so sweet and I am certain she is in heaven, sleeping, sleeping and playing. I know she had a great home and it is never easy when one loses a pet. I still miss my Katie. I am surprised that not one person picked the trio. If they red this blog(which would be great eh?) they would be despressed I think.


    1. I think only Yolande Bavan is still alive, and I doubt she reads the blog. It would be a kick, though.

      I think the reason upset me was that Mary and I have decided the cats we have are the end of the line. We’re both getting old, I’m disabled, and we’ll have enough of a stampede when we arrive at the bridge…


    1. I follow a lot of YouTube accounts that post old commercials and the like. One guy lives in Vancouver, so he posts a lot of Canadian ads. That’s where the Royal Bank commercial came from. I think they have a few branches in the US now…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. John, so sorry to hear about Jasmine. It’s hard to lose any furry friend, but harder when they’re special. (Hw types with his 13 1/2-year-old Golden Retriever snoring on the couch, knowing the day will come…)


    1. My brother has a Golden that they figured is close to 16. He’s in bad shape with hip dysplasia (sp?) and probably won’t see too many more years. It’ll be rough when the dog goes, I’m sure. They’re such members of the family…


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