I Heard This A Lot In School… #JusJoJan #1LinerWeds


More than once in my school career, I would find something someone said under his breath (or something I read, or something I thought of because I was bored) utterly hilarious and start to laugh, or rather try to suppress a laugh. When asked by a teacher (who was usually a nun) what was so funny, I would reply, “Nothing, Sister,” usually prompting the above retort.


Since today is both One-Liner Wednesday and Day 11 of Just Jot It January, I combined both in a single badge. Clever, huh?

18 thoughts on “I Heard This A Lot In School… #JusJoJan #1LinerWeds

  1. I went to school with nuns and priests and they could be funny especially when I would watch penguins:) I have also laughed at things that many may deem just so wrong but I could find humour in dark places.


    1. More often than not the things I thought of shouldn’t be repeated anywhere. And it didn’t help that my classmates (boys and girls) were a bunch of “jolly jokers,” as Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes would say.


  2. John, That line is a well-worn out one for many kids. I can’t tell you the number of times I used it. The thing is those teachers probably at one time used the same line. Gosh, this takes me back in time! Thanks for making me smile remembering sweet childhood memories!


  3. And it’s my kind of place! First, my parents name me after their friend with such a peculiar laugh that everybody knew when she was in the cinema theatre, and then scold me for laughing – which I love doing the most after I do a silly, clumsy or rather stupid thing. And I shall never stop. 😀


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