The Ides of January Week That Was

The Week That Was

It was a busy week here on the blog. I had a couple of days where I came close to a hundred visits. Since the number of spam comments I receive is directly proportional to the number of visits I get, I think some of that volume is spammers’ visits, but most of it is legitimte volume, so thanks to everyone who came to visit and left a comment.

We’ll return to The Week That Was after this word from Cal Worthington Ford.

This is Just Jot It January, as everyone has probably figured out since it keeps showing up in your feed, and the word for Monday was “power.” Accordingly, my five songs all had “power” in the title.


The magnificent Judy Garland was the topic of this week’s Two for Tuesday, another in my series of chanteuses. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll continue this series.

I made my own badge for One-Liner Wednesdays in January. My one-liner came from the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus (all of them used the same line on me). The first of the dear Sisters to use it was my third grade teacher.

In response to the prompt that asked me to base my post on the word “icy,” I told the story of bringing Mary to the airport after a couple of days of freezing rain in the Atlanta area. She was off to see her mother, and I’m glad I got her there and got home safely and in one piece.

My Friday Five was the top five songs of 1976, as determined by Billboard magazine.


We were given the prompt “pick a word that starts with ‘p’ and write about it. Extra credit if your first and last words start with ‘p’.” I chose “pretend,” and talked about time spent in my own world, particularly the world I encounter in my dreams. Hey, that’s what writers do, isn’t it? I ended my post with “psycho,” even though the “p” is silent, like in “water.” (I know what you’re thinking, “there’s no ‘p’ in water.” You’ve never been swimming at the Y, have you?) I found a video called “4 Reasons You’re Living In A Dream” after publishing that post, and posted it for your viewing pleasure.

Several posts this week were done specifically for Just Jot It January:

  • Sunday the prompt was “mongrel,” a not-so-nice synonym for “mutt.” Mutts are mixed-breed dogs that are friendly and make great pets. Many of them live in animal shelters, waiting for some nice person to come along and adopt them. Be a nice person and adopt a mutt.
  • Tuesday’s word was “danger,” a word that shows up in the song “Secret Agent Man” and the theme from the cartoon “Super Chicken.”
  • I took Thursday‘s word, “tingle,” and talked about the constant tingling in my right hand after my stroke. Many thanks to those of you who encouraged me to see how much I could rehabilitate the hand.
  • Friday‘s word was “hospital,” so I shared a little about Kennestone Hospital, who took great care of me and got me back on my feet (literally) after the stroke. I’ll say it again: Physical and occupational therapists are miracle workers.

Thanks to all who commented:

Thanks also to those who left a “like” but not a comment. I appreciate your visits!

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you soon!

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