Inscrutable as the Sphinx #JusJoJan

Blog Woman!!! from the blog of the same name chose the secret woid for today’s installment of Just Jot It January: IMPENETRABLE.

“Impenetrable” is one of those words you think you know, but when it comes time to define it you can’t. That was the case for me, so I scrambnled off to one of the many online dictionaries and looked it up. Good thing, too, because I discovered that a good synonym for it is “inscrutable,” meaning “difficult to understand or fathom.” Then I remembered a simile I heard once, “inscrutable as the Sphinx.”

The Great Sphinx (source: Blogistan)

I think Mom used the expression once to describe someone she couldn’t figure out. She always liked to act as though she knew everything that was going on, especially with us, probably to try and keep us in line. So for her to say that someone was inscrutable was really something.

And that’s all for today. Dinner’s ready.

4 thoughts on “Inscrutable as the Sphinx #JusJoJan

  1. I’ve always found the Sphinx fascinating, so this was a fun read. As a mom (who isn’t trying to keep her kids ‘in line’) I can say that it can be fairly easy to read someone you’ve known their entire life…particularly when it’s a necessity!


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