Two For Tuesday: Julie Andrews


Julie Andrews is a great actress who also happens to have a beautiful voice. She got her start in the West End in 1948 and made her film debut in 1964’s Mary Poppins, playing the title character. Since the late Seventies she has been in films directed by her husband, Blake Edwards, and since the beginning of the 21st Century has acted in the successful Princess Diaries films and provided the voice of Queen Lillian in the Shrek movies and the voice of Gru’s mother in Despicable Me.

Our first song for today is “Feed The Birds,” from Mary Poppins. Written by the Sherman brothers, Walt Disney would have them come in and sing this one when he was feeling blue. I can think of plenty of other songs Walt might have requested that are a little more lively and good-humored, but this was his favorite.

And our second song is “Le Jazz Hot,” from 1982’s Victor/Victoria. Produced by Tony Adams, directed by Blake Edwards, with music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. Add Julie Andrews to the mix and you get pure magic.

Ms. Andrews is still active at the age of 81, writing, acting, singing, and bringing her magic wherever she appears.

Julie Andrews, your Two for Tuesday, January 17, 2016.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I’ll be ending this series in two weeks and moving on to something yet-to-be-determined. If anyone has any requests for the last two weeks, or any ideas for the next series of Two-fers, leave a comment. I appreciate it!

8 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Julie Andrews

  1. I love Julie Andrews who really knew how to hit a high C( unlike Mariah Carey who screams it). She is great in Mary Poppins, love her in Victor/Victoria and, of course, the sound of music. I wish she could have recreated her role in My Fair Lady and Camelot. It was a crime that her voice was taken away in a botched surgery. Have you done Lena Horne? Paul Robeson? What about Fred Astaire who was much beloved by many of the great song writers? How about Marni Nixon?

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    1. Julie was classically trained, which explains her excellent technique on hitting the high notes. Evidently Mariah Carey’s mother (or her father) was an opera singer, but she didn’t get the gene.

      I’ve done Lena Horne, and Paul Robeson and Fred Astaire don’t fit the requirements to be chanteuses, but Marni Nixon is a good one. Thanks!

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