Hard Work And Talent #1LinerWeds #JusJoJan

Got this off of Kristen Lamb’s Blog, which, if you’re a writer who wants to sell what you write, you ought to read.


A joint One-Liner Wednesday and Just Jot It January post. Click the link and Linda will tell you more. Brought to you this week by Good & Plenty candy!

8 thoughts on “Hard Work And Talent #1LinerWeds #JusJoJan

  1. Yep! I love Kristen Lamb’s blog. šŸ™‚ The commercial was vaguely familiar – think it’s the image of the boy in the train… I was born in ’64, so it’s not too much of a stretch that I might have seen the ad.


  2. Good wisdom in that quote. Don’t remember the commercial, but I love it. The dog in it looks a bit like Mighty Manfred the Wonderdog from the Tom Terrific cartoons. Wonder if Terrytoons did the commercial?


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