Top Five From WCFL On This Date In 1973

Another departure for the Rainbow Bridge today (our Devon Rex, Milton) means I’m feeling a little down, so if it seems like I’m mailing it in, I probably am.

One of my friends in ’73 was the son of the station manager at WCFL, so today’s survey is from that year.

#5: Three Dog Night, “Pieces Of April” Only reached #19 nationally, and I can’t remember hearing this one. This was their song between “Black And White” and “Shambala.”

#4: Jethro Tull, “Living In The Past” Title track from their 1972 compilation album, this originally appeared on 1969’s Stand Up.

#3: Billy Paul, “Me And Mrs. Jones” Billy was another victim of 2016, if you want to look at it that way. He died in April from pancreatic cancer at the age of 81. Love the way he smokes the cigar and sings at the same time.

#2: Timmy Thomas, “Why Can’t We Live Together” Title track from his 1972 album. It was just him, singing, playing organ and programming the drum machine.

#1: Carly Simon, “You’re So Vain” I don’t think Carly has ever really revealed who this song was about. I always heard Mick Jagger, but then I hear Warren Beatty, David Cassidy, and a host of others. She’s said it was about three different men, but hasn’t said who they are, and personally, I don’t care.

And there’s our Friday Five for January 20, 2017.

14 thoughts on “Top Five From WCFL On This Date In 1973

  1. I remember these. I really liked Three Dog Night when I was in high school. I remember debates about “You’re so Vain” being up there with what the lyrics to “American Pie” meant. It was amazing how passionate we could be about song lyrics.


  2. So sorry about Milton! Losing one is tough enough, let alone two so close to each other.

    I was a devoted WCFL listener in early ’73, but I only remember 2 of the songs on the list. I wonder if I just missed them, or tuned them out when they came on (more likely).

    The 70s/80s stations around here are dropping like flies; I miss Larry Lujack and Big Ron O’Brien all the more.


    1. And there was a third one a couple of weeks before Jasmine… They’re all getting old, I’m afraid.

      I remembered all of these except the Three Dog Night one, oddly enough.

      Check and for 70’s and 80’s stations, and has a streaming service. Over-the-air has all but given up on it, though you might get lucky if one of your local broadcasters broadcasts in HD and runs oldies on one of the subchannels. The guys I miss are the old WLS jocks like Dex Card, Ron Riley, and Art Roberts. Dick Biondi’s still at it, though I’m not sure if he’s on the air. CFL had Ron Britain and Barney Pip, and later Larry O’Brien. Sadly, a lot of those guys are spinning platters in Heaven now…


      1. Thanks for the online station suggestions. Just this evening, I happened across a WCFL tribute station: They have a bunch of the old station IDs, jingles, and commercials, as well as plenty of music. They’ve even played a few Chickenman ads. I hooked up the old, decent-sounding Radio Shack Minimus speakers and amp to the wi-fi network…and once again CFL is blasting my living room. A little slice of heaven!

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