A Rainy Week That Was

The Week That Was

They’re predicting some severe weather here for today, including high winds most of tomorrow and thunderstorms for today, which might include hail and possibly a tornado. Given the recent record of the National Weather Service, I’m not too worried, but knowing there’s always a chance severe weather will strike, we’re ready. I guess most of Alabama is under a tornado watch. Keep the Southeastern United States in your thoughts and prayers.

We’ll be back after this word from Kool-Aid. A five-cent package makes two whole quarts! (Of course, you have to add a cup of sugar…)

Recognize Peggy Middleton, also known as Yvonne De Carlo?

I’m trying a different method of embedding videos. Apparently YouTube will supply an HTML5-compatible video if the browser is also HTML5 compatible. That would include browsers on mobile devices. Hopefully, this will deliver the videos more quickly. The only problem is, they might not appear on the Blogger side (ironic, because Blogger and YouTube are both Google products). If that’s the case, and you’re reading this on the Blogger side, click the link at the end of the post to see them on the WordPress side. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite, and you can comment without having a WordPress account.

In fact, if you’re reading this on the Blogger side, leave me a comment there. If there’s little or no interest, I’ll shut it down.

Anyway, on to the summary.


Here are the results of the last Battle of the Bands, which was whether The Buckinghams or Blue Road did a better job of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.”

The Buckinghams: 3
Blue Road: 10

Congratulations to Blue Road, and a pat on the back to The Buckinghams.

The theme this week was The British Invasion. That was an easy one, since I grew up right in the middle of Beatlemania and all the great music from those days, and I did a whole series on it last year.


The beautiful Julie Andrews was the subject of the latest in my series on Chanteuses. We’ll have two more in that series this coming week and the next, after which I’ll do another series on who knows what. Birgit has suggested Marni Nixon, so I need one more.

I featured a quote from Tim Notke about hard work and talent that I borrowed from Kristen Lamb’s blog post earlier that day. As I said then, if you’re a writer that intends on publishing their stuff, you ought to be reading her blog. She knows her stuff and is hilarious.

The prompt was to talk about the last time I dressed up. It was such a long time ago I couldn’t remember it. Actually, I did, and every time I think of it I get aggravated.

We lost another cat on Friday, and I was feeling bummed, so I did another of my survey posts, this time from WCFL Chicago on January 20, 1973. Thank you for all the expressions of sympathy. Milton was one of a kind.

The prompt was “glass.” I shared a couple of funny things I found while browsing social media and a couple of songs from The Looking Glass, who had a huge hit with “Brandy” in 1973, finishing it all with a Windex commercial from the Fifties.

And, of course, it’s still Just Jot It January, so here are the entries I did just for that.

  • Sunday‘s prompt was “mercy,” which is why my Battle of the Bands was on the song “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.”
  • Monday‘s prompt was “impenetrable,” and thank heaven it had a synonym, “inscrutable,” because I was having trouble with “impenetrable.”
  • “Complaint” was Tuesday‘s prompt, and I took the opportunity to address some complaints I’ve gotten about the long time it takes to load the blog, what with all the calls to YouTube and all. I’ve reduced the number of posts that get loaded initially, and, as I mentioned above, changed the way I embed videos. I notice an improvement, and several of you said you have as well, or you said it doesn’t matter.
  • Thursday, the prompt was “rubbish,” a word I rarely use, preferring “garbage” (for food waste) and “trash” (for everything else). “Rubbish” is used more in the UK, where it is also a synonym for “nonsense” or another word I won’t say here, a common word that describes bovine excrement.
  • On Friday, with a prompt of “transcendence,” I discussed the Transcendental movement, of which Ralph Waldo Emerson was a key proponent.

And, as always, a tip o’ the Holton Hat to all of you who stopped by and left comments or at least a “like.”

So that’s it for last week. This coming week I’ll be talking about a couple of important anniversaries in addition to all the usual stuff. See you then!

5 thoughts on “A Rainy Week That Was

  1. First, I can’t find the link…hahahaaa, that shows how much I know. Thanks for the shout out and will be interested what you will say about Marnie Nixon. Love the old Kool Aid commercial although I never did like the drink.


  2. I was in the thick of the British Invasion as well, on both sides of the Atlantic. 🙂 Fun to see these old commercials. Kool Aid wasn’t common at our house, so it was a rare treat. Nice to be on the winning side for your BOTB. Thanks for the mention! This weekly roundup is a nice idea.


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