A Sad Memory #JusJoJan #1LinerWeds

Fifty years ago today, Mom woke us up and called us in to the living room to let us know that our father had died. He was three weeks short of his 35th birthday.

It’s One-Liner Wednesday, and Just Jot It January, both sponsored by Linda Hill and brought to you by the Optical Department at Sears. There’s more for your life at Sears!

25 thoughts on “A Sad Memory #JusJoJan #1LinerWeds

  1. He was so young and so were you to have lost a father. I was 23 when my dad passed away but he was 75 ( brain cancer) and it has been 29 years but it still is sad because there is so much one wants to ask and say and talk. I’m certain he is looking out for you and I understand the feeling of loss.


    1. I remember the Kennedy was assassinated, I couldn’t get to sleep, and he told me, “Johnny, don’t worry, Kennedy’s probably in heaven laughing his ass off at all of us.” Knowing that Dad is probably up in heaven laughing his ass off at us gets me through.

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  2. I realize death can occur at any age, but it’s truly sad when children lose a parent at such a young age. I hope you had a lot of good memories (and maybe a few photos) of your dad to always keep him close to your heart.


    1. We all have our memories of him, and it didn’t hurt that he was such a character that people in the family still talk about him. I have a couple of pictures of him, including one of the two of us in identical sport jackets that’s pretty funny, actually. Until I got the picture, I had forgotten the sport jackets and that he parted his hair on the right…

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    1. I remember you coming over the next day, after it had snowed all night, and the two of us walking to Bornhofen’s through the snow, getting there and finding out their deliveries were delayed and there wasn’t a whole lot to be had. That was a bad time, but there were some light moments.


  3. That is very young! I lost my dad in January as well, about 35 years ago. Still miss him, as I’m sure you do yours. Mine was older, in his 60’s, but he never got to meet my husband or kids.


  4. I was reminded of Uncle Bill death this morning when I was reading the Tribune about the blizzard of ’67. I remember your dad and his great smile!

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