Billboard #1 Singles, 1975-1979

Monday, I posted the Billboard #1 Singles for the years 1970 to 1974. So today, searching desperately for a topic, I decided “let’s get the second half of the decade!” Here are the #1 singles of the year according to Billboard magazine for the years 1975 to 1979.

1975: The Captain & Tennille, “Love Will Keep Us Together” Daryl Dragon (a/k/a The Captain) and Toni Tennille were featured on Two for Tuesday back in 2014, on the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and on the first day of the string of daily posts from yours truly.

1976: Wings, “Silly Love Songs” Didn’t we just do this one? Oh yeah, we did.

1977: Rod Stewart, “Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be All Right)” This was Rod The Mod’s second #1 single, the first being “Maggie May.”

1978: Andy Gibb, “Shadow Dancing” Andy was the younger brother of Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, and for a while it looked like his success would eclipse theirs, with six Top Ten singles in the US. For a while he dated Victoria Principal, eight years has senior. They broke up and his drug use got worse, but he managed to clean himself up and he went back to work recording a new album. He went into the hospital complaining of chest pains and died of a heart attack less than a week after his thirtieth birthday.

1979: The Knack, “My Sharona” New Wave was washing disco out to sea (thank goodness) by 1979, and The Knack were one of the reasons why.

And that’s your Friday Five for January 27, 2017.

16 thoughts on “Billboard #1 Singles, 1975-1979

  1. Ahhh, Tonight’s the Night…what memories that one brings back!!! Long ago, far away and husband number 1 (lasted 6 months). Love Will Keep Us Together…that’s husband #2 (33 years in May). Too bad about Andy Gibb. Another talent gone way too soon. Happy Friday, John.


    1. His first solo album, which he called his divorce papers, is worth a listen if you haven’t heard it, or haven’t heard it in a while. He plays all the instruments, and Linda contributes some background vocals. It’s called “McCartney.” It came out after I graduated 8th grade…

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  2. Hey John, Just wanted to tell you that you were chosen as our Spotlight Dancer for this Monday could you give me your theme ASAP… Sorry I’m so late… I’ve been a bit under the weather. The weather really gets in my bones & then my back HATES me. Anyway… how about a theme at or you can put it on my blog in a comment. THANKS & CONGRATS! YOU SOOOOOOOOOO ROCK!!!!


  3. I really don’t like any of these songs very much. You know I love Paul McCartney, but this isn’t one of his better ones in my opinion. I kind of like Shadow Dancing, but not a lot. I’ve never liked Rod Stewart and could never understand why women thought he was sexy.

    And yet, these were all #1, so what do I know? LOL


    1. I didn’t really like Wings. McCartney’s solo stuff was great.

      There’s an old Latin phrase, “de gustibus non est disputandum,” which translates as “there’s no arguing matters of taste.”


  4. The 70s were THE decade for music, in my opinion. Great stuff here. Love Silly Little Love Songs and the Knack’s My Sharona. I had completely forgotten about Andy Gibb. Thanks for the reminder. Sad that he died so young!

    Have a great weekend John.

    Michele at Angels Bark


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