The End of January Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Fizzies. It’s Fizzies Time!

Fizzies and other drinks with sodium cyclamate (the generic name for Sucaryl) were very popular in the Fifties and Sixties until they discovered that high doses (the equivalent of 350 cans of diet soda) caused bladder tumors in 3 out of 240 lab rats. They weren’t taken off the market until consumer watchdog groups made a fuss, which was, coincidentally, after a new sugar-free sweetener was developed. I knew someone whose sister only ever drank half a bottle of Tab, which was advertised as only having one calorie. She figured the calorie had sunk to the bottom of the bottle. *rimshot* Thank you! I’ll be here all week! Please tip your servers!

The Week That Was

I’d like to thank everyone who commented expressing condolences for the 50th anniversary of Dad’s death this past Wednesday, and for the congratulations on our 39th wedding anniversary yesterday. On to the rest of the week…

A freebie week, so I introduced my next series for Two for Tuesday: bands and acts that were popular when I was in high school, from 1970 to 1974. I shared the #1 songs from Billboard‘s Hot 100 for each of those years. This week, I chose the theme for MMMM, “songs with ‘blue’ in the title, blues songs, and/or songs that you play when you’re feeling blue.” Coincidentally, I also chose “blue” as the prompt word for Just Jot It January tomorrow, so I can use the MMMM post for JJJ, and vice versa. See what I did there?

We’re coming to the end of my seeries on Chanteuses, and the subject this week was Celine Dion. People either love her or hate her, but she has a great voice and has been very popular since 1990. This week, we’ll celebrate the career of someone you’ve definitely heard, but might not have known it was her. Join us then!

Kat asked “what do you miss the most about living with your parents?” and I talked about how I’m now at a point in my life where both my parents and Mom’s second husband, who was like a father to me, are gone, as are Mary’s parents, who were good to us and who I loved and admired. I ended by pulling a J. K. Simmons and practically ordering everyone to call their parents, if they’re still around, because the day will come that they aren’t. Or, as Lewis Grizzard said, “Don’t forget to call your Mama, I sure wish I could call mine.”

I did the first half of the Seventies on Monday, so what better way to end the week than by doing the other half?

Linda’s blogging extravaganza ends on Tuesday. Here are the entries I did for that:

  • Sunday, when the word was “contempt,” I mused on why no one ever gets cited for contempt on Perry Mason, and suggested that Perry and DA Hamilton Burger should have argued a case before the Honorable Pigmeat Markham, the Chitlin’ Circuit comedian known to viewers of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In for his phrases “Here Come Da Judge” and “Look that up in your Funk & Wagnall’s.”

    And as a side note, condolences to the family of Barbara Hale, who played Perry’s secretary Della Street. Barbara passed away this week at the age of 94.

  • Monday’s word was “compromise,” leading to a funny quote from the late Princes Diana.
  • To celebrate Tuesday’s word, “elusive,” I shared the song “Elusive Butterfly,” a Top Ten hit for Bob Lind in 1966.
  • “Extraordinary,” Thursday‘s secret woid, led me on a rambling path about having been an extraordinary minister of Communion when we lived in Chicago.
  • Finally, Friday‘s word was “incomplete.” I used the synonym “unfinished,” and up to that point I hadn’t finished my posts for that day.

Thanks again to all my commenters. You make this worthwhile.

And thanks to all of you who stopped by but didn’t comment, especially those of you who “Like”d a post.


Be sure to check the A to Z Challenge blog tomorrow for the first part of a big announcement about the 2017 Challenge. Part 2 will come the following week. Stay tuned!

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Join us during the week for all the regular features, plus a Battle of the Bands on Wednesday and the last couple of Just Jot It January entries, and who knows what else. See you soon!

13 thoughts on “The End of January Week That Was

    1. They generally had a full minute in those days, twice the amount they have now. Amazing how much time that is and what a difference it makes. They could tell a whole story in that amount of time.


  1. John, I’ve not heard of Fizzies before but I do remember the soft drink Tab. I never cared for it and in fact, the diet sodas in the past I thought were horrible. For the last 4 or 5 years we moved to diet pop sweetened with Splenda. Supposedly it’s a safer for you than some others but we might find out in 20 years that it actually will cause your toes to fall off or worse. We are now sorta straddling the fence on diet vs regular sodas. We aren’t are huge soft drinks drinkers so it might be better for us in the long haul to go back to sweetened sodas. Actually, we should do away with it but there’s nothing like a cold Coke Cola sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the highlights of last week with us! I’ll hop back over later to look for your 4M post. See ya later!


    1. I stopped drinking diet soda a couple of years ago and now drink decaf coffee and water, with the occasional milkshake and Frappuccino. Cleared up a lot of problems I was having. I’ve heard that none of the artificial sweeteners are that good for you, but I think there’s one made with stevia (maybe it’s Splenda, I’m not sure) that is okay. I think going with sugar is better,if you can find Coke made with real sugar and not corn syrup.

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  2. I used to love Fizzies though my mother rarely bought them. Guess it was better that she didn’t. Never could acquire a taste for Tab. It was a rather strange and vile drink in my opinion.

    The A to Z pre-announcement announcement post is now live. It will be interesting to see the response to next week’s post.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I remember my aunt was beside herself when they made the announcement about Tab, which she drank by the eight-pack. I could never understand; I thought it tasted like cleaning fluid. Fizzies were definitely better.

      Lot of interest in A to Z already.


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