The Super Bowl Sunday Week That Was

Today’s The Week That Was is sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken. We do chicken right!

Nowadays, of course, it’s KFC, and you usually find it alongside a Taco Bell, at least the one near us is. And, as I remember from one of the many shows on fast food I watched when I was in the hospital, it isn’t actually fried, more like cooked in a pressure cooker (or something similar). They’ve also managed to change the eleven herbs and spices in the coating, so today’s chicken isn’t the same as that of yesteryear. We buy fried chicken at the Publix (our grocery store chain): it’s hotter, crisper, and a whole lot cheaper.

The Week That Was

Yes, today is Super Bowl LI, and yes, the Atlanta Falcons are in it, and no, I don’t plan on watching. The only sport I follow closely is baseball, and the Super Bowl only tells me that pitchers and catchers report in less than two weeks. Anyway, on to the summary.


If you haven’t voted in this week’s Battle of the Bands, I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, so go and give it a listen and pick the one you like best.

I was “King of the Mountain” on Monday, being both the person who chose the prompt for Just Jot It January and the spotlight ancer for Monday’s Music Moves Me. I combined the two duties and think I did pretty well. This week is a freebie!

Speaking of #JusJoJan, there were two more entries (in addition to the one I did Monday). Sunday‘s prompt was “history,” a subject that I was never good at in school, and Tuesday‘s was “detritus,” which sent me to the dictionary, because it was another of those words that you think you know the meaning of but don’t. Thanks again to Linda Hill for running the blog hop, and if you’re looking for more blog hoppiness, check out Ritu‘s “Loveuary,” which I’m not participating in because things are starting to heat up on…


The 2017 A to Z Challenge! The big announcement gets posted tomorrow at midnight Pacific Time (that’s 0800 UTC, 1:30 PM in India, and 7:00 PM in Sydney), so click on the badge above and read all about it!

We ended our series on Chanteuses with the very talented Marni Nixon, who provided the voice for countless actresses (well, at least six I can think of) and never received an on-screen credit. Seems unfair on the one hand, on the other hand I’m assuming she was well-compensated, but still.


My One-Liner this week was taken from Virgil’s Aeneid. I was thinking about something my stepfather, who taught Latin and History in his Jesuit days, used to say when things weren’t going well. Anyway, the One-Liner (okay, two or three, depending on how you count the lines) was that saying.

This week, I talked about some surprises Mary and I have had over the years, hers being knitting-related, mine being music-related.

Friday was the 58th anniversary of “The Day The Music Died,” the day when the small plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all aboard. I celebrated by playing a couple of songs by each man.


Yesterday’s prompt was “hair,” so I had a few amusing anecdotes to share. I took the line from the title song from the Broadway musical/movie Hair, and didn’t pay it much tribute. It was a #2 hit for The Cowsills in 1969.

I liked that song until I got out of high school, then I never wanted to hear it again.

Thanks to all who commented this week!

And thank you also to everyone who came by and hit the “like” button, or posted to Twitter or Facebook.

This week, the big A to Z announcement, the start of my new series on Two for Tuesday, and who knows what else. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “The Super Bowl Sunday Week That Was

  1. Superbowl was disappointing to me since I was rooting for the Falcons, however, Gaga was spectacular, IMO so all was not lost. I thoroughly enjoy your synopsis of the prior week and thank you for the mention.

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  2. I’m not a football fan, but I usually have the Super Bowl on even though I rarely pay much attention. However I was glued to the TV for the final five minutes and the OT. An amazing comeback for the Patriots. And Trump predicted the outcome correctly!

    Your use of “detritus” inspired me to use that word in my blog post for today. I think my post will ward off more readers than if I had used “Jesus” in my blog title. I’m always experimenting though.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Thanks for the mention:) I never watch sports so I would never even think of buying such a ticket at those horrible prices. I’ll check out the commercials on YouTube and Lady Gaga. So they changed the secret herbs and spice eh? Why am I not surprised and it is expensive. My brother had long hair back in the 80’s…he looked like Jesus.


    1. KFC isn’t worth it anymore. It was great years ago, now it’s kind of soggy and the bones are falling apart. And that’s the Extra Crispy. I’m actually pretty impressed with the way the grocery stores are getting into providing pre-cooked meals.


      1. You are so sweet! I just realised I appear to not be following you for some reason… WP glitch? Who knows! So I refollowed you x


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