BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Our Day Will Come”


A couple of weeks ago, Mary said the song “Our Day Will Come” was going through her head, and wanted to know who had done it. So, I looked it up, and learned that the song was written by Bob Hilliard and Mort Garson and became a hit for Ruby & The Romantics in 1963, when it reached #1. Here is the original version, for comparison purposes only; it’s not in the running.

They were the first to do it, but it’s been done many times since, including these two versions which, no kidding, gave me goosebumps. Both are done by women who I missed when I did my recently-ended Two for Tuesday series on Chanteuses. (I’m finding lots that I missed. Might have to do a Part II.) Give them both a listen.

CONTESTANT #1: Amy Winehouse From 2003, on her album Frank.

CONTESTANT #2: Doris Day From 1965, on her album Latin for Lovers. Hers was arranged by composer Mort Garson.

Were you as blown away by thse versions as I was? I never realized Amy Winehouse had such a gorgeous voice, and while I knew Doris Day was a singer, I remember her more from her movies with Rock Hudson and from her sitcom in the Sixties and forgot just what a delight her voice was.

So, the ball is in your court: listen to both versions (if you haven’t already), decide which you like best, and let me know your choice in the comments below. Then, how about visiting these blogs, where there might be additional battles for you to vote on.

I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday, February 21, so be sure and vote by then. The lines are now open, and best of luck to Ms. Winehouse and Ms. Day!

17 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Our Day Will Come”

  1. I love both and Doris just shows why she is still great but I didn’t like the music behind her voice. There seemed to be a stop and go especially at the beginning that I found distracting. I must give to Amy who just shows how beautiful she can interpret the lyrics. She gives a hidden meaning to the. When she sings it.


  2. Real good Battle, JOHN.
    I liked the Amy Winehouse version far more than I anticipated I would. But then I remember someone else once used her in a Battle (I think it was Janie, before I made her mad and she quit) and I was surprised by her then, too. She could sing. It’s too bad she was such a mess (and so hard to look at). I liked the percussion in the Winehouse recording also.

    But I’m gonna vote for DORIS. It’s a romantic song, and that lush arrangement with Doris’ pretty, nice voice presents it most romantically.

    Real nice match-up though, John!

    ~ D-FensDogG
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  3. Now if you’re talking about dancing I choose definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt it would be Amy Winehouse. It’s a bit more upbeat, but if you’re talking about romance… slowdance… a quiet dinner for two that sort of thing definitely Doris Day! How’d I do John? ~hehehe~


  4. Both of these are really good. Tough choice! I am leaning more towards Doris Day. It was a far different arrangement from the original, but was still gorgeous. Amy’s version was also beautiful, but didn’t stray far from the original.

    Doris Day for me.


  5. Before I listened to these, I was convinced my vote would go to Doris Day. But when I heard Amy Winehouse’s version, I quickly changed my mind. There was so much feeling and depth in her version. Doris Day’s version would be great if you were trying to pleasantly drift off to sleep. My vote goes to Amy.


  6. I vote for Amy Winehouse. I adore Doris Day, but Amy’s sound gives me shivers. I want to be Amy Winehouse without the death from alcohol poisoning.



  7. Amy Winehouse’s version has a lot more depth and soul. It’s hard not to sing along to hers, while Doris Day’s version just became background music. Amy Winehouse, for the win.

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  8. Nice song! I like the Amy Winehouse version better. Another artist gone too soon I think. This reminds me to check out more of her stuff because I keep forgetting about her. Sorry, Doris was going to put me to sleep.


  9. John, what a lovely song and the original is fabulous! I’m not a fan of Amy Winehouse. I can’t take listening to her voice. It has a near screechy sound for lack of a better description. Gal #2 is more to my liking – soft, romantic vocals and melody. Give my vote to Doris Day! Nice battle, my friend. 🙂


  10. I’ve always liked this song. I’d always figured it for being older than 1963 as it seems I’ve heard it all of my life. It’s probably because it’s been covered so often by so many performers. No matter though because it’s a wonderful song.

    The Amy Wnehouse version is outstanding although the bouncy rhythm started to–um. I hate to say annoy me because I don’t think that’s quite the correct word–but it started to seem somewhat incongruent or something. Doris Day’s version was dreamier and expressed more of a sense of longing. And I’m a Doris Day fan anyway. Call me old school I guess.

    I cast my vote for Doris Day.

    Great pairing on a timeless song.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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