The Winter Break Week That Was

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Had no idea the Mob had infiltrated the grocery business in Toronto. The things you learn in this job.

The Week That Was

My knee is doing better, thanks to nine Aleve a day and an isometric exercise I found on the Internet. Still not great, but it could be worse. Anyway, here’s the summary; don’t forget you can click on the badge to go to the original post.


You still have time to vote in my latest Battle of the Bands, “‘Our Day Will Come’: Amy Winehouse vs. Doris Day.” I’ll announce the winner Tuesday, so get your vote in soon. This has been a pretty close battle, so be sure and make your voice be heard.

Songs about trains and railroads were the subject of this week’s post. The choices I came up with seem to have gone over well. I’m getting the hang of this.

Anne Murray was the subject of this week’s look at music from June 1970-September 1974. I tend to forget that there were musical acts from that period that were very popular because, at the time, I didn’t especially like them. Listening to Anne now, I understand why she was so popular then, and I’m finding that with many more of those acts.

I also realized that there were many artists that I was missing by using the lists of the Hot Singles of the Year, and found lists of all the songs that reached the Top Ten over those years on Wikipedia. Through some manipulations of the data (including finding a site that does conversions from tables on web pages to spreadsheets), I have a much more complete picture of who was and wasn’t popular then. I tell ya, I’m dangerous when I put my mind to it. You’ll see some of the results tomorrow.


This week’s one-liner was one I use frequently, and I tell the story of how I came up with it. I can have a mordant sense of humor when I put my mind to it.

I told the story of how my parents met, and in doing so learned that there are alternate versions of the legend. My brother Kip said that when Bill’s friends found out that he and Bunny were getting serious, they beat him up. I sometimes get the sense that Mom told each of us different versions of the same story, not thinking we’d ever compare notes. But it was a good story, even if Dad got his ass kicked.

Speaking of pain, as I was in pain when I wrote it, I came up with five songs with “pain” in the title. If you think of any others, let me know. And thanks to everyone who suggested different treatments. Not sure if it’s the bones or the muscles, or both, but Aleve seems to have it under control, though I’ll be looking for a more permanent solution.


Our prompt yesterday was “ham,” and I saw that there were many other participants who chose to write about the meat of the same name, so I just improvised, and came up with a pretty good post, if I say so myself.

Thnks to all y’all who commented!

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the analysis of music I’ve done, America will be the Two for Tuesday artist, I’ll have another One-Liner… after that, I have to wait on input from others.

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

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