The Friday Five: More “Pain” songs

Last week I was complaining of terrible pain in my knee, which just managed to get worse no matter what I did. This morning (it’s Wednesday as I write this), I did something drastic: I put on a new pair of shoes. And presto!, the pain was gone. There’s some residual pain, as well as the pain that occurs naturally when you’re close to 61 and very overweight, but the really bad stuff is gone. I had bought the new pair in 2015, not long after I had bought the previous pair, meaning I had worn the old shoes daily for over a year, and they were no longer giving any support. So, off to Hitchcock Shoes to get another pair (or two) of 10-1/2 6E’s to wear when this pair goes. I’ve been buying my shoes there for years, because I’ve got big ol’ feet, and they sell New Balance and Dunham shoes, which fit really well and give me the support that the old ones stopped giving.

Anyway, I asked if you could think of any more songs with “pain” in the title. I managed to stump several of you, including Arlee, which is a TV first, as Mom used to say, and probably puts me in line for an award or something. Pat said all he could think of was the band House of Pain, who did the song “Jump Around,” and suggested doing “jump” next, so I will, and hold onto his suggestion fo another week.

We managed to come up with six songs between us that had “pain” in the title, and here they are:

Suicide is Painless (theme from M*A*S*H) – Johnny Mandel Thought of this one myself. Note: Suicide is NOT painless for the people left behind. From the movie and TV show.

Pain In My Heart – Otis Redding Dan said, “I thought The Rolling Stones had a pain song.” He went on to say that he found a cover of an Otis Redding song they had done of this one. This was the title track of his 1963 album, and as a single it rose to #61 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) – The Rolling Stones After finding the last song based on what Dan told me, I found this other song, from The Stones’ 1983 album Undercover of the Night.

Love This Pain – Lady Antebellum Janet suggested this one. This is from their second studio album, 2010’s Need You Now. It wasn’t released as a single.

Painkiller – Judas Priest Jeanne Owens suggested this one, the title track from their 1990 album. It was released as a single, but no idea if it charted.

Feel No Pain – Sade Over on Twitter, user RelaxingSoundscape (who has a musical app that currently just runs on Android) saw that Alice Cooper’s “Pain” was removed (I’ll replace it soon) and suggesteed this instead, from Sade’s 1992 album Love Deluxe. It peaked at #59 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart in 1993.

And that’s your Friday Five for February 24, 2017.

18 thoughts on “The Friday Five: More “Pain” songs

  1. If I find an extremely comfortable pair of shoes, I get a back up pair. The right shoes are important in order to keep your back and your knees in good shape.


    1. Absolutely. My problem is that when I find a model I like, they either discontinue it or change it to where it’s no longer comfortable. That’s why I usually get two.


  2. Why did I not think of shoes?! Seriously! That’s the one thing that always impacts my entire lower half is if I switch shoes. That’s actually pretty funny (well not funny.) that you figured it out…and I’m super glad that you did! My baby brother listens to Judas Priest and I had a good chuckle with that one.


  3. Great selections here. I think I prefer this set to the last. Now I also wanna listen to House of Pain’s Jump πŸ™‚
    I love MASH. My FIL owns them all, and now and again I borrow them and watch it start to finish.
    Hurrah for new shoes! I had some plantar fasciitis in 2013 and it ended up being the need for new trainers as well, so I boinged right into some! Oh the relief! Glad you’re feeling better.


  4. My husband buys his shoes from Hitchcock, too. Hoping your new ones are comfy.

    I remember seeing the movie MAS*H at the theater and being taken with the Suicide Is Painless song. It was evocative, so perfect for that movie. And Viet Nam, too.


  5. You are really dredging up those pain songs while I still haven’t thought of any. Maybe you’ve got too much time on your hands–or too much pain in your knees.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  6. Keep a pair in inventory. That’s the spirit. I have a new pair of my favorite work boots, in the box, under the bed My wife keeps them stocked πŸ™‚


    1. The styles change and sometimes you can’t get the shoes you like, so I always place an order at Hitchcock for two pair of whatever I happen to like at the time when I put the last inventory pair on my feet. I tell ya, it works.

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  7. Shoes are the most important item of clothing one can wear because our feet carries us and we don’t take enough care of our feet. Women will wear incredibly high stilettos which may look good but are horrible for our health. I don’t skimp on shoes and so buy expensive. I don’t mean minola Blahnik but shoes that are supportive and good for my feet…they always cost more. I’m glad you changed up your shoes and feel better, it just shows how important shoes are. I would have thought of the MASH song and I didn’t know of some of these others….good choices:)


    1. I should know this by now, because it happens every time I start having leg and back issues. I try and keep an extra pair or two on hand for that eventuality. These had been sitting in the box since late 2015. From now on, I think I’ll change them out after a year.


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