Writer’s Workshop: Ten More Instagram Accounts

I can never resist the prompt “List the top 10 Instagrammers you’re loving this month.” I’ver done similar lists here and here, and wanted to make sure I didn’t repeat any like I did the last time. So now, if you’re quite ready, let’s begin…

lickwars Videos of people jamming on the guitar. It’s amazing how far guitar players have come in technical ability. Not that I ever had that much technical ability…

history_in_pictures As the name implies, historical pictures, captioned so you know what you’re looking at.

mimo_and_kirry As I said the last time I did this exercise, I follow a lot of cats. As the number of furkids dwindles here, I can always look at others.

tinaguocello I first saw Tina Guo in a video with Yvette Young. She’s an amazing cellist and a very glamorous young woman.

xdebbie.pearlx Debbie Acenas is a guitar player of considerable talent, and is the mother of a little one who appears sometimes in her pictures.

gretchenmenn Another very talented woman guitar player.

punsworld You like puns? You’ll like these.

i.kuskus.you Another kitty account, this one from Russia. The descriptions are in Russian, but that doesn’t matter. The pictures and videos are a riot.

venice_life600 and santamonicafun This takes a little explanation: My company used to have an office in west L. A., and the hotels we would stay at were in Santa Monica, down by the ocean. One day I finished class early, and having nothing better to do, I walked over to Santa Monica pier. I spent about an hour there, then decided to take a walk along the ocean. I just kept walking and walking and ended up at Venice Beach, which seemed to me like quite a distance even though it’s only a couple of miles. Hey, even then I wasn’t in the best shape, though I could really hike when I got it in my head.

I have an Instagram account as well, where I post all the badges of challenges I’ve completed on Two Dots. I have a bunch of images that I’ve saved over the years from Facebook and the like. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to upload them from a desktop computer. I’ll have to find a way around that…

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little traipse through some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Looking forward to seeing which ones you come up with.

20 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Ten More Instagram Accounts

  1. I can not seem to get into Instagram. However, it looks like you have found some really interesting stuff. Pinterest is more my thing. You know picking a million things I will never do lol.


  2. I have Instagram and I am just getting used to it. I started following a few little by little. I love your selection of people to follow.


  3. You learn a lot about person based on the Instagram accounts they choose to follow! You follow some really fun accounts! Definitely checking them out. πŸ™‚


  4. Those musicians are fabulous! I love the punsworld one. I’m going to start following that one. Thanks for the suggestions!


  5. Great suggestions! It frustrates me as well that it’s impossible to post pics to Instagram from my desktop. #firstworldproblem, I know, but it’s annoying – LOL!


    1. I found a desktop application called Gramblr that seems to do a pretty good job. I can’t believe they didn’t include that on the website, though.


  6. I’m just new to the Instagram thing so I haven’t really picked up any favorites except some scrapbooking people. The history in pictures looks like a fun one!


  7. Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach is an easy walk–all level and there’s that paved boardwalk. Venice Beach is one of our go to attractions whenever we have guests visiting us. We went this past Christmas vacation when my daughters and their families visited. They had all been there before, but it always makes for an interesting visit. Some really weird people there.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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