A Lazy Sunday Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Brownie’s Fried Chicken.

I think this is (or was) a Canadian brand. I never heard of them before. The commercial was from 1984. Can anyone help?

The Week That Was

Neither Mary not I was especially in the mood to go out for coffee today, when I usually write this update, so I’m coming to you from home this week. Got my studio monitor headphones on and everything. Anyway, here’s the summary for this week, and as always, clicking the badge will bring you to the post.

The theme for M4 was “Grammy Winners From The Eighties,” and I was determined to come up with something different. My research told me that The Manhattan Transfer had won seven Grammys during the period, so they were the subject of my post.

Two for Tuesday featured one of the most popular acts of the early Seventies, The Jackson Five, leading Dan to want to put a pot over his head and bang on it with a spoon. Mark remembered the old line from the first Cheech and Chong album “Now back to our movie, The Jackson Five Story starring The Osmond Brothers!” And guess who this week’s featured artist will be?


Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, when Catholics all around the world walk around with dirty foreheads. My one-liner was one of the lines the person distributing ashes (which no longer has to be a priest or deacon) says while drawing a cross on your forehead. The ashes, incidentally, are the residue of burning the palms that were distributed the previous Palm Sunday. We never take the palms home, or one of the furry little noisemakers would eat them and throw them up in inopportune places. Uncle Jack had a great comment that told a story on my mother, which I’ll let you read here.


This week’s Battle features Eddi Reader and Sha Na Na (featuring Johnny Cantardo) in a battle over who does a better version of Gene Pitney’s “Town Without Pity,” which should be called “Town Without Pitney.” Get your vote in by tomorrow night, and I’ll share the results on Tuesday.

My annual post of Instagram accounts I like. Given the choice “Instagram and Pinterest” against “Facebook and Twitter,” I’m leaning more toward the former. I spend as little time on Facebook and Twitter as I can get away with.

I used my brother Pat’s suggestion and went with five songs that had “jump” in the title, and I’m close if not at five more songs you suggested, so we’ll be doing a week of those this Friday.


Yesterday’s prompt was “project.” Since I always have to be a pain in the ass and come up with my own angle, I wrote about the Give-A-Show projector, which never seemed to work as well as the commercials would have you believe. In the ads, you get a picture like IMAX; in practice, much smaller, unless you could live with a blurry and fuzzy picture.

Thanks and a tip o’ the Holton hat to my commenters this week:

I have more of the same planned for this week, but there could be a surprise or two.

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Thanks for watching!

4 thoughts on “A Lazy Sunday Week That Was

  1. During the 80’s I toured a lot through Canada with the road show I managed and don’t recall ever noticing Brownie’s. However, fried chicken was never something I’ve usually looked for and on those rare occasions when I did I went to KFC. I like fried chicken now better than I did back then. The commercial kind of made me want some fried chicken now.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Maybe it was from the Pacific Northwest somewhere… the guy who posted the video has a lot from Seattle, but some of it extends up into British Columbia. On the other hand, maybe there was just one…


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