Hey, Short Timer! #socs

More appropriate for November, I suppose. I just get a kick out of this.

I complain a lot about the semiannual adjustment of the clocks, but what can you do, aside from demand that the laws be changed to do away with it?

Daylight Saving Time starts at 2 AM tomorrow morning, when it magically becomes 3 AM. Now, that’s 2 AM local time, which means after we in Atlanta have set our clocks ahead one hour, we’ll be two hours ahead of Chicago, three hours ahead of Denver, and four hours ahead of Los Angeles. Since Arizona (except the Native American reservations) doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time, we’ll stay four hours ahead of them until November, when we do the whole thing in reverse.

Anyway, for most of us, tomorrow is a short day (23 hours), made up for by a long day (25 hours) in November. For a nonexistent entity, time sure is a pain in the ass.


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36 thoughts on “Hey, Short Timer! #socs

  1. I tend to agree with you. However, as Chicago is at the very eastern section of the Central time zone, the spring forward helps ensure that summer sunsets occur around 8:30 vs 7:30 which is nice. Of course “fall back” means 4:15pm sunsets for us which means that most of early winter I can spend entire days at work and never see the sun.


    1. All the more reason to spring forward and stay there. We did that back when you were a baby, set the clocks ahead one spring and didn’t fall back until the following year. We spend so little time on standard time, might as well.

      The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is on Eastern Time, like the lower, and during the summer the sun doesn’t go down until ten at night. In England, you get up when it’s light and go to bed when it’s light. Very strange.


  2. I hate spring forward. I love fall back. Out here in California they were talking about doing away with it. Something about the time changes being upsetting to old people. I didn’t know we had that many old people in CA. I certainly am not one of them!


    1. It throws everyone’s circadian rhythms off. There are a number of videos on DST on YouTube that discuss the problems associated with screwing with the clocks. Basically, none of the advantages they predicted (energy savings, primarily) have happened, and people get into more accidents.

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      1. I KNOW! That’s probably why I hate it so much. And also, I’m awfully sleep-dependent. I get messed-up for days. I have two posts about how time change is stupid.


        1. Mary and I have a rule where we don’t schedule anything for at least the first half of the time-change week (both of them). When I was in the hospital after my stroke, I had just started rehab and was having a hard enough time getting enough sleep as it was. It probably set my rehab back by a week or two.

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          1. I believe that. We both slept like trash last night and feel groggy today. Unfortunately, I have a busy, full week ahead (due to kids) and will not be able to take it easy. BUT I can do my best to get to bed early.
            I hope it’s a smooth week for you two.


  3. Every year when my husband says it’s time to set the clocks for daylight savings time I say, ” Oh no! Is it already that time again!” ##**! (swear words). I do not like it at all!!!


      1. Yes, I just finished reading an article in the Washington Post about DST and ST. Being almost retired and setting my own schedule pretty much I can roll with it a bit better because I do not have to get up early. I do look forward to “fall back” though. It is because I am not naturally an early riser. The WP article points out that this technological way of measuring time does take us away from natural time. πŸ™‚


        1. There was just an article in the Boston Globe (https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2017/03/10/proof-daylight-saving-time-dumb-dangerous-and-costly/kOqQs7T33rYHMEnCraQSJO/story.html) that calls it “dumb, dangerous, and costly,” and says there’s hard evidence that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The original excuse for it was the farmers, but they hate it; first, “animals can’t tell time,” and second, they’d rather have that hour in the morning. They’re probably closer to that “natural time” ideal (get up when it’s light, go to bed when it’s dark) than the rest of us.

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          1. Interesting article. I had read similar information. I have read it wasn’t the farmers idea either that it was during WWI to save energy and then again in WWII. I have read it does affect our health adversly because it is a stress on our system. It would be nice it we get to abolish it. πŸ™‚


                1. We did go to year-round DST in the mid-seventies, 74-75 according to Wikipedia. The advantage is the clocks are where they need to be when DST normally starts. There would be a period when people would be going to work/school when it’s dark, but we have that now.

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    1. You’re in Canada, and I’m not sure what the method is there, but writing to your legislators (national and provincial) would be my guess. Here we write to our state’s two Senators and our Representative, but right now, since our Representative was recently named the Secretary of Health and Human Services, I’ll have to wait until May to find out who my Representative is.


  4. I like the “more light”, but not the changing back and forth–and your reader’s suggestion that we put it a half-hour forward and LEAVE it, sounds like a brilliant idea.


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