The Eastern Daylight Time Week That Was

The Week That Was

Here’s John Cameron Swayze for Timex watches. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Yesterday, I talked about Daylight Saving Time, and judging from the responses I got, most people are in favor with doing away with it altogether, or never changing the clocks again after we did early this morning. Reading some of the comments in news stories about the time change, there are some people who want to return to DST from the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October. Others have said “let’s set the clocks ahead one hour and leave them there,” and a few said “let’s split the difference and set them ahead a half hour and leave them there.” I built a little poll that gives you five different options about what you want to do about it. Go ahead and cast your vote for the one you like best. I’ll report on the result next week.


Eddi Reader won my latest Battle of the Bands, with most of you saying her version of “Town Without Pity” was better than that of Sha Na Na featuring Johnny Cantardo. My next Battle will be this Wednesday. Be there or be square!

I featured songs that featured whistling, but no singing. There are loads of songs that have whistling in them, but not many that are just exclusively whistling. Arlee mentioned a guy named Fred Lowery, a blind man who did a whole album of whistling that his family toured with. I couldn’t find the album he mentioned, one of whistled gospel music, but I did find this one, and there’s a lot more Fred Lowery out there. Uncle Jack remembered the theme song from 1954’s The High And The Mighty, starring John Wayne, Claire Trevor, and Laraine Day. Here’s the original, by Leroy Holmes and His Orchestra, with whistling by Fred Lowery.

Another great whistler, I’ve since learned, was a man name Muzzy Marcellino, who also has a version of “The High and The Mighty.” He was the whistler on Hugo Montenegro’s recording of Ennio Morricone’s “Theme from ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’.”

Everyone, especially Dan, will be happy to know that I did the Osmond franchise this past Tuesday, so you don’t have to hear them again. At least not on this blog.


My one-liner was from a blog where someone was describing his imagination. Nearly everyone I know feels the same way about their imagination, and it’s a good way to look at it. A couple of you said they liked the ad for The Kingston Trio that accompanied the post. I don’t know why I started putting old TV commercials into my posts, but everyone seems to like them.

Everyone also seems to like it when I tell stories from my past, such as this past week when I told the story about Mary and I having brunch with Grandma and Florence. Grandma was a remarkable person, and brought great joy into the lives of everyone she knew. She died at 92, and I can honestly say she was too young. Interesting how that works sometimes. One Thanksgiving, my mother had a cast of thousands over for dinner, and there were two tables, one in the living/dining room and the other in the den, and Mom assigned seating at random. Grandma wanted to sit in the den, where most of the young people were.

This week, I had you pick the songs with the word “jump” in the title, because I had found five the previous Friday. Ya’ll came up with six.


As has become the tradition here at The Sound of One Hand Typing, I used the last SoCS of standard time to grouse about daylight saving time. Today is the shortest day of the year: only 23 hours. Be sure and vote in my poll (see above).

Thanks to everyone who commented this week:

Tomorrow’s theme is “songs with ‘air’ in the title,” and Wednesday’s Battle of the Bands is related to that theme. We’ll have another band from my high school years on Two for Tuesday, and gee, pretty much more of the usual. Thanks for tuning in!

9 thoughts on “The Eastern Daylight Time Week That Was

  1. Ah, the time thing. Who are “they” to say what we should do with our time set anyway? Thank you for recap. I love your wife’s jewelry designs, BTW.


    1. I think you’re thinking of someone else. Mary doesn’t make jewelry, she knits.

      “They” would be the federal government: The Uniform Time Act that LBJ signed into law, although Indiana and Arizona stayed on standard time for years after. Indiana is now observing DST, but Arizona is still holding out. I think Alaska, Hawai’i, and Puerto Rico are also on standard time year-round. Doesn’t change the fact I’m exhausted.


  2. I think opposition to Daylight Time is stronger than ever. I always feel blah that day and a couple of days later. I answered your poll – I voted for moving the clock ahead 1/2 hour and just keeping there – for, dare I say it, the end of time?

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