It’s My Birthday And I’ll Cry If I Want To #socs

But I don’t want to. It’s my birthday! And Mary and I are going out to lunch, and I get free pie!

We have an O’Charley’s near us, and they were bought out a few years ago by the same company that owns Baker’s Square, so the pie is from Baker’s Square, which bills itself as having “The Best Pie In America.”

Remember the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? Toward the beginning there’s this exchange between Pee Wee and his archnemesis, Francis:

Francis: Today’s my birthday and my father says I can have anything I want.
Pee-wee: Good for you and your father.
Francis: So guess what I want.
Pee-wee: A new brain?

Francis was played by Mark Holton, who’s no relation but he looks like he might be one. You see Mark from time to time; he’s a pretty busy actor. Most notably, he played John Wayne Gacy, a notorious serial killer from the Chicago area.

Anyway, today’s March 25, which in the Catholic Church is The Feast of The Annunciation of the Lord. The feast commemorates the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary to announce that she has found favor with God, who wants her to have his baby. And Mary says “okay!” and nine months later gives birth to Baby Jesus. Okay, that’s a silly (and borderline sacrilegious) telling of the story. The more accurate telling is in the Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 1, verses 26-38. The Angelus, a prayer that tells the story, is based on that Gospel reading. When you hear church bells ring from a Catholic church at 6 AM, noon, 6 PM, and 9 PM, those are the bells that prompt Catholics to say the Angelus. It’s three sets of three bell tolls, followed by nine bell tolls. So, now that you know that, I can tell this Hal Roach joke:

A priest is hearing a man’s confession, and at the end he assigns him the penance of saying three Our Fathers. “I don’t know the Our Father,” the man says. “All right, say three Hail Marys.” The man says “I don’t know the Hail Mary, either.” The priest, exasperated, says, “well, what prayer do you know?” “The Angelus.” “Well then, say the Angelus.” “BONG, BONG, BONG!”

I learned recently that the Church Fathers, when setting dates for various celebrations, were more interested in determining the date of the Annunciation than they were in the date of Christmas. So, the Annunciation isn’t on March 25 because Christmas is on December 25, it’s the other way around.

Anyone born from March 22 through April 22 has a better than average chance of having their birthday fall during Holy Week. I was born on Palm Sunday 1956, Mary was born on Holy Saturday the next year, and Mom was born on Holy Saturday in 1932. Mom’s birthday was on Easter at least twice that I can remember, Mary’s birthday was on Easter at least once, but mine has never been on Easter in my lifetime. In fact, it’s only been after Easter once during my life that I can recall.

Holy Saturday 1932 was March 26, so Mom’s birthday was the day after mine. We used to celebrate them together. In 1994, she was turning 62 and I was turning 38, which meant we were celebrating our joint 100th birthday. Mary and I went to Chicago to celebrate with her. Mom would be 85 tomorrow. Happy birthday, Mom.

Anyway, Mary and I are going to lunch before we go to Mass. They’ll be celebrating the Mass of the Fourth Sunday of Lent, which as you might recall is Laetare Sunday, one of the two days the priest wears pink vestments. I have my pink shirt ready…


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Zenith, where the quality goes in before the name goes on.

45 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday And I’ll Cry If I Want To #socs

    1. Very enjoyable post, except now I have that Kent jingle going through my head (To a Scotsman, it’s his regiment…) Do you remember the day they showed the last cigarette ad on TV (Jan 1, 1971)? I remember they showed practically no ads besides cigarette ads that day…


  1. Happy Birthday – enjoy the day, your lunch and then Mass. I’m pleased you mention Laetere Sunday … the fourth Sunday of Lent – when pink vestments are worn. That pie sounds a good idea … cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks! It was very enjoyable. For some reason, Laetare Sunday and Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent) are easy for me to remember. Red on Pentecost? Not so much.


  2. Happy Birthday Weekend, John! That pie looks pretty good since I gave up sweets for lent. Good thing my birthday is in December or I’d have a dilemma. Enjoy!


  3. Happy birthday! Don’t blame you for grabbing that free pie. I usually get every free birthday offer that I can and since my wife and I would be eating out anyway it can amount to an nice savings.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  4. Is Bakers Square as good as Charley’s? Nice to get a birthday pie. The information on Catholic holidays is interesting. I went to Catholic school as a child but have forgotten or did not know a lot of it. I remember transistor radios and I used to have a Zenith(black and white) TV which lasted forever. Happy Birthday!


    1. Depends on what you’re going for. O’Charley’s is going for the upscale Southern food, Baker’s Square for the basic hamburgers, soup, chili, patty melt, etc. On any given day, I can go for either and sometimes both.

      I had a Zenith Super Commander that was similar to the radio shown in the commercial. It picked up longwave, medium wave (i.e. AM), and shortwave (one of the more popular bands). When I got married I left it at home, and my folks took it to Wisconsin for their summer place. I lost track of it after that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still working. That stuff was built to last… Zenith was based in the Chicago area, and the radios and TV’s were made there. Now, they might have the name on them, but the quality isn’t there.

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      1. The reason I asked about the pie place is that I have found the smaller chains or individual restaurants can be better than the big chains. Yes I thought Zenith was great. It seems like so many brands nowadays are not as reliable and either become outdated by new technology or just plain break down in a short period of time. And then we have to throw them away.


  5. Happy Birthday! What’s your favorite kind of pie? Mine is blackberry, raspberry or boysenberry – not blueberry! Thanks for the lesson in Catholicism. I am ashamed to admit that I have forgotten (or never bothered to learn) all the whys and wherefores, I just went to church and memorized the latin without delving into the significance. I like the “And Mary says ‘Okay'” part.


    1. I learned the prayers at the foot of the altar and all the responses in Latin to be an altar boy, then after serving one week they decided to put it all in English.

      I got a slice of apple with a scoop of ice cream. Apple is one favorite, and banana cream is good, too, but really, any kind but rhubarb or vinegar (no kidding, it really is a thing and no, it doesn’t taste like vinegar).

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    1. I might have seen this one before, but it’s always funny. His observations on mini-muffins got me laughing so hard I almost lost bladder control.


  6. Happy birthday to you and I hope you enjoy your pie:) I kind of liked your synopsis…I guess I’m a bad girl. I never understood why Easter floats everywhere whereas Christmas stays the same date. We are all born on a day and we all die on a day so I just don’t get it.


    1. Easter floats because Passover does: the two are tied to each other. Passover is always from Nisan 15 to 22 on the Jewish calendar, but where that is on the Gregorian calendar changes. I have a Jewish friend that celebrates her birthday twice, once according to the Jewish calendar, then again based on the Gregorian one. I could do the same thing, since I was born on Palm Sunday, which this year is April 9….


  7. Happy birthday 🙂

    I’m an Easter baby too – Holy Saturday, 197* 🙂 I used an Easter predictor online to confirm that my birthday will never fall on Holy Saturday – so I have a very unique birth date. That maybe true for your wife and your mother?

    When I was little, if my birthday was after Easter, I’d always save the best and biggest egg for that day. If it was before, I’d feel a bit cheated. It’s Maundy Thursday, this year, but as an adult, I only get one egg anyway.

    Hope you enjoyed the pie!


    1. I haven’t checked for my mother or Mary. Mom’s birthday was on Easter in 1967, I remember.

      And yes, I enjoyed the pie very much, thank you!


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