The Laetare Sunday Week That Was

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A fine depiction of Southerners, as always.

The Week That Was

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday, both on the blog and on Facebook. I’m hardly ever on Facebook anymore, though I’ll probably be there more starting this coming Saturday, with the start of the A to Z Challenge…

And, speak of the devil and he shows up… Monday was the Great Theme Reveal for the A to Z Challenge. My theme, as I mentioned, is simple: Choose a word (or name or phrase or abbreviation) that starts with the letter of the day and ends with the next letter. I’m clarifying because a lot of folks think I’m restricting myself to just words. Many of the daily subjects are names of people, and I used acronyms or common abbreviations in several situations. They still start with the letter of the day and end with the next letter, except Z, where I wrap around and go back to A.

If you’re having trouble coping with the idea of doing the Challenge without the Linky, worried you won’t find bloggers to visit this April, Arlee Bird wrote an excellent article for the Challenge blog on how to find people to follow. He offers several different methods for finding blogs, including the easiest one: visit the blogs of people who visit you. I’ve built a group in Feedly specifically for the people who visited me (that I’m not already following), as well as for the people who visited them. And so on, and so on…. So far I have about forty blogs in it. I’ll be busy this April…

This week was a freebie, and I used it to salute the music of Chuck Berry, who died last week at the age of 90. I started with a song I knew that you don’t hear much and let YouTube suggest the other four. There were one or two songs I had never heard in that list. He created a lot of music in his career.

The Stylistics were this week’s featured artist. They had five hits in the Top Ten on the Pop charts and twelve on the R&B charts in the early Seventies.


The Battle of the Bands was no contest: Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Band shut out Caterina Valente in Battle “Air Mail Special.” And yes, there will be a Battle of the Bands this Saturday, despite it being the start of the A to Z Challenge.


I created an image quote for one of the words in the A to Z Challenge, and liked the quote (from Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are) so much I used it for my one-liner this week. Nice to see so many people remember that book.

Kat’s prompt was “write a post inspired by the word challenge.” So, guess what I wrote about?

My brother Pat suggested I do a Friday Five on songs that use a day of the week in the title. I came up with fifteen, and you’re coming up with more. I’ll feature them this Friday. I’ll feature your “man” songs (from last week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday) at a later date, maybe next Friday.


Linda’s prompt was “march,” and since yesterday was my birthday, which is in March, I went flying off in all different directions, telling a Hal Roach joke, explaining the Feast of the Annunciation and Laetare Sunday, and talking a little about the actor Mark Holton, who’s no relation but looks like he could be.

Tomorrow, I’m featuring TV themes, these from Sci-Fi TV shows. I found a list of sci-fi shows, and I’ll be working from that list, even though I don’t consider some of them sci-fi shows. We’ll have another band from the Seventies on Tuesday, another one-liner, a post based on Kat’s and Linda’s prompts on Thursday and Saturday, your day-of-the-week songs, and we all know what begins this Saturday…

That’s all we have time for this week. See you this coming week!

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  1. Hi John – I can see your theme will be interesting and allow you to be creative … cheers I’ll be around and see you next on Friday or Saturday – Hilary

    (Friday is a monthly blog hope – spreading peace and love: We are the World: in Darkness, be Light … bringing some positivity and cheer into these challenging times.)


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