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At the present time, MeTV over-the-air viewers in and around Atlanta may not be able to see our new affiliate’s signal. Please know we are working hard with our new affiliate to find a solution to this issue. Check back at MeTV.com for updates.

Mary and I don’t watch a lot of TV, and when we do it’s usually MeTV. Or at least it was, until Monday, when I turned on channel 2.2 and found Escape, a true-crime channel that’s already broadcast by another Atlanta station.

Now, they had “special announcements” all last week, explaining that the station would be moving on DirecTV, Comcast, and another cable provider, but not a word about over-the-air. Their new affiliate is located in Toccoa, Georgia, near the South Carolina border, ninety miles away from Atlanta and effectively out of range. Which means, at least for the time being, MeTV is off the air for us. And that sucks.

To paraphrase a famous ad campaign, I WANT MY METV!


One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from MTV, for those of you who didn’t get the reference.

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    1. My guess is that either MeTV or whoever owns WSB (it was on 2.2) decided they wanted a better deal, and the contract was up. Why they decided to carry a subchannel that was already on in the Atlanta market (it’s also on 34.4) is beyond me. Then again, DirecTV just started carrying MeTV and maybe AT&T had something to do with it. I think a little research is in order.

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  1. Yeah, sometimes I wonder who they talk to when they decide to make these changes! Definitely do remember MTV and wish it was the same too! (I sound like an old person grousing about the “good old days.”

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    1. Obviously not to the viewers. Thing is, I expect this from cable or satellite, but not from over-the-air TV. I have a feeling it was the host station that decided they didn’t want to carry it anymore. This is the same company that used to play 70’s music on one of its radio stations on the weekends, but stopped when they realized people were tuning in on Saturday and not listening the rest of the week. You have to wonder about people with that kind of mentality.

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  2. This reminds me of the time I switched from one form of television to TiVo. I could not get AMC and The Walking Dead was starting its season that week. I called the company and spoke with a person who completely understood my stress because she too loved the show. Someone came out that day to fix the problem.


    1. It’s the kind of thing you expect from cable and satellite systems (and I think TiVo falls into that category) but not from over-the-air stations. This was OTA. But yes, regardless of how it happens, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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  3. Oh…I got the reference and it made me giggle. I hate that when things change and then a favourite channel is suddenly gone or you have to pay more for it. I also hate it when they change their format. Many years ago A &E used to show actüal bios of people I cared about but now, this channel is anything but arts and entertainment and the Bio channel is not what I want since they do not do bios on people I care about


    1. A&E at one time was doing the same kind of programming you’d see on a PBS station and doing a much better job of it than PBS. I guess they felt they were too highbrow. Bravo used to be the same: they ran a lot of movies that none of the other stations were, but now they’re doing reality TV. Not that I care since I cut the cord, but it goes to show you what happens.

      Yeah, biographies of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are a little premature…


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