Writer’s Workshop: My Two Dots Trophies

One of the prompts this week is “Share your favorite photo you posted on Instagram this month and give us the back story.”

Now, I have an Instagram account, but I don’t post photographs to it. I’m not much of a photographer (can’t hold the phone steady enough), and the photos I would show are on the hard drive of my desktop computer, not on my phone. I found a tool called Gramblr that allows me to post to Instagram from the desktop, but haven’t sat down long enough to post more than a couple.

However, I do post to the account, primarily the badges that I earn from playing Two Dots, like this one.

I’m not much for multiplayer games, and don’t have the dexterity to cope with games that have things moving all over the place. Two Dots is about my speed. The basic object of the game is to remove same-colored dots from the board by connecting them. They have to be above, below, or beside each other (not on a diagonal; that’d make it too easy). If you get multiple dots in a square or rectangle, connecting them removes all the dots of that color from the board. There are special dots, such as ones contained in ice, fire dots that burn the dots before you can get them off the board, slime, ladybugs that change color and move around the board, and it just gets more complicated the higher you go.

To finish a level, you have to complete a task in a certain number of moves, such as sink ten anchors, get twenty ladybugs to fly away, remove fifteen hermit crabs, etc. in, say, thirty moves. You can buy additional moves (5 for 99 cents), and the purchase includes a power-up (a shell-shedder for the ladybugs, a hammer to break the gems, etc.). There are somewhere over a thousand levels to the game, and I’m up to level 977 as of this writing. It’s taken me a couple of years to do that.

There are also weekly quests, which are seven games that get progressively harder and for which you get five days to accomplish, and expeditions, where you need to clear a certain number of special dots (anchors, clouds, gems, etc.); you get two days to finish them. Completing a quest or an expedition earns you a token like the one above, which I won for completing this week’s expedition. As my comment says, I finished it in three hours.

Mary plays Candy Crush, which I’ve also tried and didn’t like as much. She managed to complete all the levels that were available at the time and is halfway through playing them again. Evenings at the Holton house will usually find us playing these games.

We’re such an exciting couple, aren’t we?

Two Dots is available for iOS and Android devices (including the Kindle Fire, where I play it). It really is a lot of fun, and helps you develop problem-solving skills. Aggravating as hell, sometimes, but that’s part of the fun.

Do you play Two Dots?

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: My Two Dots Trophies

  1. I haven’t heard of two dots. I get way too addicted to games! Sometimes when I have a picture on my desktop that I want to add to Instagram, I just email it to myself and save it to my phone. That might help if you have some you’d like to add. 🙂


  2. I have never played 2 dots but I will check it out. I play games on Pogo.com and I also play games on my Kindle Fire. I enjoy word games and crossword puzzles.


    1. I do sudoku on my Fire, and play solitaire (typically Canfield and Klondike) on there and my iPhone. I love doing crosswords, but for some reason don’t think of doing them online often. When I was traveling, I could do the crossword puzzle in Sky magazine (Delta’s) and finish usually before the plane took off. I’m sure a big reason I could was because it took forever for Delta to get a plane off the ground on a Sunday afternoon…


  3. I do not play two dots,. it sounds fun, but I’m not even going to start. I’ve got enough distractions!
    Congrats on the badge!


  4. Two dots? How’s that translate in Morse code? You lost me with this post. I know how to make a phone call on my Iphone and just barely and that’s about all I can do. Don’t have any of those other devices you mentioned.

    It’s a wonder I can even blog.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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