Wanted: More Time #socs

Any time I have for the next month, outside of time taken to deal with biological requirements, will most likely be eaten up by the A to Z Challenge. I might just need to put everything else on hold. I could really use that hour we lost a couple of weeks ago. But yes, I’m having a great time and I hope all of you that are participating are having a good time, too.

Oh yes, there’s also going to Mass on Saturday afternoon. I’m going to cut this short because that’ll be about five minutes from now. See you soon!


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Coty Musk. Use it before you stalk!

5 thoughts on “Wanted: More Time #socs

  1. I am completely unfamiliar with SOCS… but am thrilled to learn about it!
    I agree… I could really an extra hour or two each and every day 🙂


  2. I dated a guy who wore white musk. I liked it, but he seemed to think it was all-powerful seduction tool, got compliments on it all the time… I dunno. Didn’t make me stay. 😉

    Who doesn’t want more time?!?


  3. The A to Z does take up a lot of time especially when one..meaning me, haven’t written all the posts yet. You know, maybe I should try that musk and it will motivate me:)


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