The First Week of The A to Z Challenge Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by McCain Lite Delite Pies. Made for the way we eat today!

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The Week That Was

I was exhausted by the time I went to bed last night. I’m doing my best to get to as many blogs as I can for the A to Z Challenge, and I think I need to come up with a strategy to get everything done. I have the first three weeks’ worth of Challenge posts done and know where I’m going with the last few, so now it’s just an issue of time management.

By the way, if you’re having trouble commenting on the official A to Z Challenge blog, I set up a simulcast blog on WordPress. Regardless of whether you use WordPress or Blogger, feel free to leave your daily link on it.

On to this week’s summary, which gets shorter each week…

The theme of this week’s M4 was “music from sci-fi movies and TV shows.” Feeling aggravated that MeTV has been pulled off the air in Atlanta (I can still get it on cable or satellite, but I’m through paying for them), I chose the themes from the Irwin Allen TV shows from the Sixties, and threw in a couple of movie themes from his disaster films from the Seventies.

Stevie Wonder was the featured artist this past week on Two for Tuesday. He put out a fantastic amount of music in the early Seventies as he went from being a child star to an adult performer and composer.


This week’s one-liner was the apology MeTV posted to their website for going off the air in Atlanta. I’m over them, actually: we discovered Cozi TV, and are refamiliarizing ourselves with Frasier and The A-Team, and watching Miami Vice for the first time. No idea why we didn’t watch it the first time. They show Columbo on both Saturday and Sunday nights, and the Sunday showing ends soon enough that we can go back to watching the ancient episodes of The Avengers they show on WATC TOO. I’m a happy camper.

This week’s prompt from Mama Kat was to share a recent photo from my Instagram account. I don’t do a lot of photography, but I usually post the rewards I get from completing challenges and expeditions on Two Dots, so I shared one of those. It’s a great game, if you’ve never tried it.

I’m trying to get to all your choices from the last couple of weeks, and this week did your choices for songs with “man” in the title. Naturally, I got a whole bunch more, so I’ll be doing another Friday Five with those in a couple of weeks. You guys are good at this.


I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write, as I mentioned earlier, which became the subject of my very short SoCS entry. I didn’t get around to posting my Battle of the Bands yesterday, but it’s out there now, a battle between the two lead singers of Genesis. I’ll announce the winner next Sunday.


The A to Z Challenge started yesterday, and thanks to everyone who came by and commented on my first entry. I’ll get around to answering your comments and visiting your blogs as I get the time between everything else I’m doing.

This week in A to Z we cover the letters B through G, and I’ll have all my regular features as well. I’ll probably pin a post at the top of my blog that has links to all my A to Z posts.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the online funny papers!

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  1. Love the wrap up. You are very busy with the A to Z challenge and I can tell you like be being busy with things you enjoy. Have a great week.


    1. Oh! Sorry, John! It wasn’t YOUR blog I was having trouble with. It’s Madness of a Modern Writer. I can’t figure out how to post on there without using a password!


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