Monday’s Music Moves Me: Top Five from WLS, April 3, 1982

Back with more survey madness, since it’s a freebie week and I have a ton of blogs to read today. I just love the A to Z Challenge, don’t you?

Oldiesloon’s collection of surveys from WLS stops at the end of 1982. I can’t remember if they stopped issuing a survey or if surveys for later years aren’t available to them. The station moved more in the direction of Hot Adult Contemporary by the middle of the decade and in 1989 stopped playing music altogether. Anyway, here’s what Chicago was listening to on Musicradio WLS 35 years ago today.

#5 – Journey, “Open Arms” A beautiful song, this was Journey’s biggest single, reaching #2 nationally. It only got to #4 in Chicago and was on its way back down the charts.

#4 – Buckner & Garcia, “Pac Man Fever” Remember how crazy everyone was about Pac-Man? Buckner and Garcia came up with this to capitalize on that popularity. It only made it to #9 nationally.

#3 – J. Geils Band, “Centerfold” The J. Geils Band had come up as a blues-rock sextet in the early Seventies, driven by “Magic Dick” Salwitz’s harmonica and Peter Wolf’s vocals, but had moved more to pop music and greater commercial appeal by the Eighties. This peaked at #1 in Chicago and nationally.

#2 – The Go-Gos, “We Got The Beat” This was the theme song for the Atlanta Beat, a women’s professional soccer team. The Go-Gos also held the #6 spot in the chart with “Our Lips Are Sealed.” It peaked at #2 nationally and in Chicago.

#1 – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, “I Love Rock & Roll” This song kept practically every song this week from reaching #1, spending a total of eight weeks at #1 (this was its fourth) in Chicago and seven weeks overall.

So that’s what we were listening to in Chicago on this day in 1982. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for April 3, 2017.

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7 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Top Five from WLS, April 3, 1982

  1. I do like these songs and the last one always reminds me when I was in a disco in Graz, Austria when I was 18. I danced to this with some guy who just…pointed everywhere! He moved slowly as he pointed to different spots and even got down on one knee and then pointed….I had no idea wTF to do.


  2. 2 and 3 are all fond memories I like to encounter from time to time — #1 I could listen to every day 🙂


  3. I still get excited when I hear “I Love Rock & Roll” – I turn the (whatever) up and I sing along, unless others are around.


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