#1LinerWeds from “Frasier”

When we get to this section here, I’m either going to have to play really loud or jab you with a pin because, between you and me, you’re not hitting this note without a pole vault!

Now that MeTV is no longer on the air in Atlanta, we’ve had to find something else to watch in the evenings, and have rediscovered Frasier, the series starring Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane, the pompous and arrogant psychologist from Cheers who has relocated to the Pacific Northwest and now hosts a radio talk show. Cozi TV shows four episodes from 8-10 Eastern. Last night, they showed “Look Before You Leap,” in which Frasier encourages everyone to take a leap of faith on Leap Year Day, and, as they say, hilarity ensues. He has promised his entire listening audience that, on the pledge drive the local PBS station is airing that evening, he will be singing an aria from Rigoletto. Here’s the result…


One-liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Allan Milk Chocolate: Especially for children, especially for Easter!

19 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from “Frasier”

  1. The comforting thing about this pompous and arrogant psychologist is that he turns out to be such a buffoon reminding us that everybody has issues. And some of our issues have issues.


  2. I always thought Frasier was a little lame until one day I got hooked on his show. You just have to focus on his dry humor is all. He’s really quite funny, but when he wants to be serious the man can bring a tear to your eye. thanks for sharing. hugs


        1. I sure do. That was a very funny show. I feel badly that they lost two female bailiffs (Selma Diamond and Florence Halop); they were both hilarious. One of the best-casted shows was “Barney Miller.” They couldn’t have done a better job casting that one.


  3. I love Frazier and consider it one of the best, funniest and sophisticated comedies, even with man hungry Ron….my favourite character. So many episodes are classics.


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