The Friday Five: “Lady” Songs

Happy Good Friday, everyone, although it’s probably not the best thing to say given the solemn occasion. I was going to do songs with “good” in the title, but in honor of the A to Z Challenge and since today’s letter is L, here are five songs with “lady” in the title.

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, “Lady Willpower” One of their five #1 hits, here they are, mouthing the lyrics and pretending to play on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1968.

Styx, “Lady” Off their second album, appropriately named Styx II (probably by the same guy who named Chicago’s albums). This was a hit in their hometown Chicago area but failed to chart anywhere else.

The Beatles, “Lady Madonna” Of course, whoever owns the rights to The Beatles’ records has managed to sweep all of the original recordings off of YouTube, but here’s the next best thing: Paul McCartney, the author (with some help from John Lennon) on the BBC show Later performing it live in 2007. The original was a single which reached #1 in the UK and #4 in the US.

Ella Fitzgerald, “Oh Lady Be Good” A 1924 song by the Gershwin brothers for their musical Lady, Be Good! Ella first recorded it in 1947; this is from the 1959 album, Ella Fizgerald Sings the George & Ira Gershwin Songbook, acompanied by Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra.

Myron Floren with The Lawrence Welk Orchestra, “Lady of Spain” I don’t know if the song is associated with the accordion because Myron did it, or if Myron did it because it’s associated with the accordion. Whatever the case, here it is, from a 1951 episode of The Lawrence Welk Show. An-a one, an-a two, an-a…

What songs with “lady” in the title can you think of? I realize I probably have a “reader’s choice” post for one of my previous Friday Fives, and I’ll get to it eventually.

That’s The Friday Five for April 14, 2017.

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  1. OML! You even dug up one by the Polka King’s band! LOL I didn’t think anyone but me would remember Lawrence Welk. I almost used his show for L. My two favorite Lady songs? Styx and Tom Jones (She’s a Lady).

    Impromptu Promptlings
    A to Z Challenge Letter L


  2. My first idea above and beyond your five (and already mentioned) was Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra. Any others that came to mind subsequently have already been called out.


  3. Wow! I’m trying to think of another Lady tune, and I’m a blank. You got the best ones here anyway! Way ta go John. GOOD JOB!!!


  4. There are quite a few “lady” songs. Green-eyed Lady by Sugarloaf. Lady by Kenny Rogers. She’s A Lady by Tom Jones. Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan. Aerosmith’s Dude Looks Like A Lady.

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  5. I didn’t think of it, but when I looked up that link, I noticed “the lady is a tramp”
    Lots of people did that song, your choice πŸ™‚


  6. I used to hang out in the control room of New Trier West’s radio station WNTH in the early 1970s. The engineer would run the gain fairly high during the piano intro and first verse of Styx’s “Lady”, but when guitarist James Young kicked in, the engineer would jam the faders back down to prevent over-modulation distortion. That record was infamous for its lack of compression.


  7. Time for another Jim Croce reference – “Mississippi Lady”. I first heard it on his “Down The Highway” posthumous compilation album, but it was evidently released earlier on “The Faces I’ve Been”, and was even released as a single. All after he died.


  8. Dude looks like a lady
    Lady Marmalade (voulez-vous….)
    All the single ladies
    Lady of Spain


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