Another #1LinerWeds from Kristen Lamb

We put our butts in the seat and blogged even if the only comments we get are from the BuyPradaCheap sites:

“I so lick you’re blog. It changed my bruther’s life and bookmarking now.”

If you’re a writer or blogger and don’t read Kristen Lamb’s site, you should. I know I’ve said that before, but I can’t say it enough. She gives a lot of good advice about writing, blogging, and social media, and does so with plenty of humor, such as the line above, which was in her latest blog post, “When Is The Best Time To Start An Author Platform?”

Go read it, and be sure to comment and tell her I sent you.


One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Black Flag, the one-shot bug killer.

Recognize the actor?

5 thoughts on “Another #1LinerWeds from Kristen Lamb

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m certainly heading over since that line made me burst out laughing and has kept me chuckling since.


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