BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “The Avengers” Theme Results


To review: The last BotB was a choice between two themes for the British TV spy-fi series The Avengers. The exercise was to choose between the original theme, written by Johnny Dankworth, that was used the first four seasons (1961-1964), and the newer theme, written by Laurie Johnson, which was used from 1965 until the series ended in 1968.

The results didn’t surprise me.

Johnny Dankworth: 3
Laurie Johnson: 9

No doubt Johnson’s version of the theme was more familiar, because it was the theme when the show aired in the US. The show itself was different when it started airing here: Steed was a more quirky character and the stories were a little lighter in tone. If you get a chance, watch the older episodes, and you’ll see what I mean.

So, congratulations to Sir Laurence, and a pat on the back for Sir John, which I’ll deliver to his lovely wife, Dame Cleo Laine.

May 1’s Battle is already written and ready to go. Join us then!

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  1. I was definitely in the minority with my vote this time. But then I’ve gotten used to being in the minority much of the time in life. Guess I’m just one of those fish who swim against the stream. What’s the name of that fish again? …Oh, right: Contrarian.

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