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Here’s one of those words that has a bunch of meanings. The simplest definition is that it’s “something that’s stated,” like “I am eating a cookie” or “I like cookies.” We learned in English class that a statement is one type of sentence, the others being a question, an exclamation, and a command. At least those are the ones I can remember; there are probably others. Or maybe I just made all that up.

You also get a statement from the bank every month, as well as the credit card companies and everyone you owe money to, like the gas company. It’s a document that tells you how much money you have, or how much you owe. For years, the post office used to process millions of pieces of mail, most of which were statements of one kind or another. Most people now get their statements online, which is a good thing: it saves money for the bank or company mailing out the statements, and it prevents people from going into your mailbox and taking the statement out and using the information to clean out your bank account or take out an auto loan for a BMW Nazca M12, which this article says costs almost $650,000 (US).

Speaking of the BMW Nazca M12, it’s what some people say is a statement car. A car that makes a statement. I honestly wonder what statement a person who buys one of them is trying to make. There’s a joke that compares a BMW to a porcupine, which I won’t tell unless someone asks me in a comment.

We used to have a cartoon on the door of one of the rooms in our apartment, where a couple is sitting in their run-down living room, and the man says “They say each room should make a statement. This one’s must be ‘KA-BOOM!'”

And let’s not forget the use of statements in writing computer programs. I spent years writing programs in COBOL that had statements like this:


If this seems to have gone off in all different directions, remember: it’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

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  1. I had a comment that I’m sure was going to be quite clever, but now after I’ve read all the other comments (and thank you for the joke, I was so worried I’d have to wait for it), I’ve completely forgotten it.

    Which, I suppose, is a statement on my mind. An unfortunate statement.


  2. John,

    It was nice to read your statements on various statements. šŸ™‚ I am so glad that we now get all of our statements online. Other than mail fraud prevention, it cuts down on extra trash that gets dumped in landfills and it’s a huge help to keeping folks on time with their monthly obligations or at least it does us.

    I had forgotten the BMW joke until you shared it. I had to laugh, too. DH who is very observant says there is something about the drivers of BMWs. They are some of the worse for tailgating and taking unnecessary risks on the highway. I’m pretty sure their odds are like all other motorists except when they crack up their car their loss is going to be a whole more than most. Good “S” post.

    Thanks for visiting Art Sketching Through the Alphabet ā€œSā€ (Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs).


  3. I know that joke šŸ™‚ Not that I can tell a joke to save my life.
    Anyway, I loved this SoCS, I thought it was a great meandering šŸ™‚


      1. Isn’t that funny?
        Almost all of my posts are SoCS. Just sit down and write. Your brain is nice and linear, John.


    1. OK… The difference between a BMW and a porcupine is that the pricks are on the outside of a porcupine.

      And for those of you offended, Hilary made me tell it… XD

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  4. Geez, what does it say about my statement car…a 98 Honda Civic…hahahahaaa. I always think of people giving a statement to the police. I was wondering which word you would choose for today since there would be many. I do have to know what the joke is:)

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    1. The joke is elsewhere in the comments.

      I had a ’92 Accord that I donated a couple of years ago and I think is still on the road. They run forever.


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