A Rainy Week That Was In Georgia

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We’re at Starbucks right now, and the rain is pouring down. See?

The Week That Was

I’m glad it’s raining. It’s been very hot and humid here, and we’re trying to hold off on using the air conditioning. So, here’s the week in review.


My latest battle was which theme song for The Avengers you preferred, the original by Johnny Dankworth or the newer theme written by Laurie Johnson. Johnson’s, which was the theme most of us were familiar with, was the clear winner by a 3-to-1 margin.

I discovered my new front porch and stairs are becoming a nest for carpenter bees, and played five songs about bees. Thanks to all who made suggestions on how to get rid of the bees, by the way; we’re trying everything possible.

Gladys Knight & The Pips were the featured artist this week. Everyone seems to like them, or at least not dislike them. I can’t promise the same for other acts I’ll be featuring. Which ones they are, I have no idea.


One of Kristen Lamb’s posts provided this week’s one-liner. It’s a good post, and I encourage everyone who’s a blogger, especially if blogging is something you do to promote your work, to go read it.

The prompt asked what I would choose as my new career. I always wanted to be a musician full-time, which I realize isn’t all that practical, but then, that’s no reason to consider it. I think I gave up on it too soon, to be honest.

I created a playlist with the fourteen “lady” songs you suggested, and after that I added several more to the list, because I received another suggestion and thought of a couple more. Go have a listen.


The prompt yesterday was “spell,” and after expressing my contempt for spell checkers, I was on a roll and included “digital assistants” like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, as well as software added to computers that you don’t want and can’t uninstall. As Uncle Jack pointed out, I was in a mood.


This week’s letters were N through S.

  • Monday’s topic was Necco wafers, a candy that’s been around since the Civil War (or, if you prefer, the War of Yankee Aggression). Evidently wintergreen Life Savers (called Wint-O-Green in Life Saver parlance) will also spark when you break them in a dark closet. No idea why wintergreen wants to set fire to the house.

  • Tuesday I used a Venn diagram to discuss overlapping. Apparently it brought back bad memories for some of you. It’s interesting that Venn was a philosopher, not a mathematician, and used his eponymous drawings as a graphic representation for logic problems. I had trouble with them at first, mostly because Sister Antagonista demanded that the circles be perfect.

  • Wednesday we discussed the milk additive PDQ, made by the people who brought us Ovaltine. PDQ sponsored a game show back in the Sixties that went by the same name. There’s a video of the pilot episode in the post, if you’d like to see it.

  • We discussed the British names for musical notes on Thursday. I was introduced to them by Logan’s Tutor, the book I used to learn to play the bagpipes. A quaver is better known as an eighth note, a semiquaver is a sixteenth note, a demisemiquaver is a thirty-second note, and after that we’re talking about notes only Liberace could play.

  • Friday’s word was “rumpus,” which reminded me of Maurice Sendak’s award-winning children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. That beloved classic was written in 1963, when I was seven. Does that make me a beloved classic, too? Don’t answer that.

  • Yesterday’s A to Z entry was a stream-of-consciousness effort based on the word statement, which has many meanings. A very useful word!

Thanks to the calendar, we’ll be doing entries for the last seven letters of the alphabet, T through Z (whether you call it “zee” or “zed”). I chose the theme for tomorrow’s M4, which is songs about traveling. We’ll have another act from the Top Ten lists from when I was in high school, another one-liner, and all the other regular features.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Have a good week!

8 thoughts on “A Rainy Week That Was In Georgia

  1. Yes, it was rainy in Georgia yesterday and also this morning. I think we live generally in the same area. Great weekly wrap up.


  2. John, You amaze me with your incredible ability to produce multiple daily posts and then round out the week with your blog recap. It rained all weekend and was quite heavy yesterday. We heard about a couple of locals who’s homes were damaged by falling trees and one of these residents had to be taken to the hospital. It’s a relief we no longer have to worry about trees falling on our home after having them taken down a few years back. I’ll be back a little later to listen to your 4M song selections for the theme you suggested this week. Meanwhile, I’m going to do a little catching up while I’m here. 🙂


  3. Hahahaha – this edition was sponsored by totes umbrellas. Very funny. That looks like a lot of rain. We’re hoping for rain in Delhi today too. Last week was unbearable. Just April and temperatures around 43 degrees C. We need rain. And badly.


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