Going Yard With The Yardbirds #socs

The prompt for this last Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday of April 2017 is, appropriately enough, “Yard,” because the A to Z Challenge letter of the day is Y.

“Going yard” is baseball talk for hitting a home run. I have no idea why people started saying that, because I’ve never said it and I’ve watched baseball most of my life. None of my friends used it when I was growing up, either, so it’s a recent term, probably inflicted on us by ESPN, which as we all know stands for Extremely Silly People Network Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It was hardly watchable back when it started, and it’s only gotten worse in recent years. Someone told me their share of the monthly cable bill is around $6 per subscriber, whether or not the subscriber watches it.

For anyone considering “cutting the cord,” i.e. cancelling cable TV or satellite TV and getting your programs over-the-air, that’s another thing you should consider. We cut the cord and no longer pay for ESPN and all the little ESPNs, CNN and its brood, Fox News and its clan, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, RT, Bravo, A&E, and all the other channels we used to get and never watch.

Of course there are a couple of channels I’d like to get: Fox Sports Southeast (which carries Braves games), MeTV, and all the channels and subchannels we get now over-the-air. Technically, I understand they can do that now, just give people access to certain channels, but there’s too much money in it for Disney (which owns ESPN and all the little Disney channels), Time Warner (which owns all the CNNs and all the channels that used to be owned by Ted Turner), and all the other companies that provide programming to cable and satellite systems, and they’ve gotten with the cable providers and ensured that won’t happen anytime soon. It would take an act of Congress to bust that monopoly up, but of course members of Congress get lots of money from the cable operators and providers and won’t do anything like that anytime soon. Money, incidentally, they get from the poor bastards that subscribe to cable and satellite TV and get hundreds of channels they don’t want and never watch.

There are actually laws in the United States that ostensibly prevent this sort of thing, among them the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, but hey, there are ways around laws like that anyway, aren’t there?

So I’ve discovered.

I had intended on segueing into a discussion of one of the great bands from the British Invasion, namely The Yardbirds, for whom Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page (three of the greatest guitar players ever) once played. Here’s “Heart Full of Soul” from 1968, featuring Jimmy Page playing guitar.

The Yardbirds broke up before going on a Scandinavian tour in the late Sixties, but they gave Jimmy Page the right to form his own band, to be called The New Yardbirds, to go on tour. Page took bassist John Paul Jones, drummer John Bonham, and vocalist Robert Plant with him, and when they got back they started recording an album. Some former members of the Yardbirds got a cease-and-desist order preventing them from using the name “The New Yardbirds,” so they picked a new one: Led Zeppelin. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now, here are Bob and Doug MacKenzie for Pizza Hut.

19 thoughts on “Going Yard With The Yardbirds #socs

  1. Love that METV, got over near columbus ga for free………..if i only had oodles of the dollars wasted over the years on satellite in tx when that was all i could get Any channels on, well anywho, been enjoying reading your posts here at the library today. Cheers!


    1. Until recently we could get MeTV over WSB channel 2.2, then suddenly they changed to a station near Toccoa, out of antenna range. I can get them on cable or satellite but I don’t want to pay the fees and get a bunch of channels I don’t want. So we do without until something changes.

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  2. Interesting how the members of certain bands made it together. I could’t give up watching my Giants on TV but I hardly ever watch the rest of that stuff. Happy Saturday!


    1. Exactly. You should be able to get just the channels you want and not have to pay for the rest of it. Way I see it, I can get just as much enjoyment listening to the game on the radio. I know what the field looks like, and a good play-by-play announcer can tell me what’s going on.

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  3. Every sports fan I know cuts the cord then sign up again because they can’t watch the games. What kills me is that you can watch cable programs on a mobile device if you have cable…except they block the games you want to see!

    Of course Zeppelin exercised the cease and desist against Wayne’s World, leading to this:


    1. MLB.TV is like that: you can see any game except your team’s home games for $20 a month. I subscribe to Gameday Audio, which is $20 a year and you can get every game, including the home feed. I know what everything looks like, and the super-spectacular plays are on the Internet; I don’t have to see a game to follow the action.


  4. JOHN: hahahaha So you made me zap my head again of (smack) why didn’t I think of that one??? aughhhhhhhh Yardbirds, hahaha everybody knows those guys except me evidently. I mean I know them, but just didn’t think of them. hahahaha…. Well, my friend you gave me an idea and I did it on my post of “Who did it better”? Lesley or Grace? hahahaha… all your fault my friend… I’ll have to let you know who won… My prediction? I think you’re very very right! NOBODY does it better than Leslie Gore! ta da!!!! Have a great weekend my friend. Seems like you’re the only one that I can count on to stop by. You’re the greatest. Have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but you sure get the comments…. me? I’m lucky if I get two or three šŸ˜¦ aughhhhhhhhhhh nobody luvs me šŸ˜¦


    1. We tried to time the letter posts to appear early in the morning in Australia, which was 3 PM in the Eastern US. Problem was, Australia went off summer time a day into the challenge, so we had to do some finagling.

      The whole connection between the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin surprised me, though I knew Jimmy Page played for both.


    1. That’s why we got rid of cable and hooked up an antenna. We have trouble getting the two PBS stations (the GPB station in Chatsworth, WNGH, shows up when we scan the channels, and no, we can’t actually watch anything on it), but most local stations come in clear with little or no pixellation (those big blobs of green that show up when the picture is breaking up), and really, that’s all we watch anyway. Funny thing, I have a TV in my office with an antenna and get different stations… If I was younger and cared that much, I’d put an antenna on the roof, though I’m not sure it would make that big a difference…

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  5. JOHN ~
    I have no idea either how the term “going yard” came about, but I don’t think it originated with ESPN. I seem to recall it being used in the early 1970s when I was part of a Summer baseball clinic.

    Perhaps it was a West Coast expression that gradually moved East at a very slow rate of speed.

    The one that used to make me chuckle was “went downtown with it”, because at Dodger Stadium, if you hit it “downtown” it was just a foul ball. A very impressive foul ball, but still just a strike against you. Ha!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    [Link:) Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…


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