The End of the A to Z Challenge Week That Was

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The Week That Was

So as of today, the 2017 A to Z Challenge is history. I’ll have my thoughts on the challenge a week from tomorrow, May 8, which is the official A to Z Reflections Day. Look for the badge for that event tomorrow. In the meantime, J (J. Lenni Dorner, my colleague on the A to Z team) has put together a survey where you can tell us what you thought of this year’s challenge: what worked for you, what didn’t work for you, what you’d like to see, etc. It’s open until May 20, so you have a couple of weeks. Take the survey here.

Meanwhile, life didn’t stop here at The Sound of One Hand Typing, so here’s the weekly summary.

I got to pick this week’s theme, so in honor of it being T day on the A to Z Challenge, I chose traveling songs. You came up with many more, which I featured on The Friday Five. I’m still getting suggestions, so if I missed your favorite, leave me a comment and I’ll get to it.

Two for Tuesday featured the late, great Marvin Gaye, whose life ended tragically at the hands of his father. You always have to ask yourself, if he was still around today, what would he be singing about?


I shared something from my LiveJournal, which I still have and am in fact paying for, even though I haven’t updated it in about two years. Expect to see a few more things as I get the chance to thumb through it and find funny stuff I’ve shared there in the past.

The prompt was to talk about a time when I wasted my money, of which I think there have been many. I talked about the Christmas I bought myself a bunch of peripherals which didn’t work on my release of Windows. Twenty years later, many compatibility issues seem to have worked themselves out, but at the time that was a common occurrence.


The prompt was “yard,” and I went totally stream-of-consciousness and allowed the term “going yard” turn into a rant about ESPN and cable TV in general, and finished it with a song by the Yardbirds, who have since morphed into Led Zeppelin.


I announced the results of my latest Battle of the Bands, which pitted the 1961-64 theme for “The Avengers,” written by Johnny Dankworth, against the 1965-68 theme, written by Laurie Johnson. Sir Laurie’s beat Sir Johnny’s by a 3-1 margin. Arlee Bird gave me the idea for my next Battle, which you will see tomorrow and is a mashup with Monday’s Music Moves Me.


And let’s not forget the entries I did for the A to Z Challenge:

  • We featured the tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu on Monday.
  • Tuesday’s entry was dedicated to the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, UNLV for short.
  • I morphed into Heap Big Technical Guy on Wednesday and talked about database views, virtual entities that make the job of reporting and security a whole lot easier.
  • I shared a number of floor wax commercials from the Fifties and Sixties on Thursday.
  • I finally pulled together a cogent article about x-rays on Friday.
  • Yesterday I discussed Hall-of-Fame left fielder from the Boston Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski, whose nickname was Yaz, much easier to spell than Yastrzemski.
  • And about seven and a half hours ago, I ended with a flourish, talking about zyzzyva the Brazilian insect, Zyzzyva the literary journal from San Francisco, and zyzzyva the last word in the English-language dictionary, which, if you were playing Scrabble and had a Z, two Y’s, a V, an A, and the two blank tiles, would spell “game over” for your opponents.

We get back to normal here. I’ve already talked about tomorrow’s BotB/M4 mashup, we’ll feature another top ten act from my high school days on Tuesday, another one-liner, whatever Kat and Linda come up with on Thursday and Saturday (respectively), and maybe more traveling songs on Friday. I’ll also begin my tour of A to Z blogs that will likely take me through the end of the year. I had hoped to do more visiting during the Challenge, and finally figured it would be easier to catch up on everyone when things rolled to a stop.

That’s it for this week’s edition of The Week That Was. See you soon!

13 thoughts on “The End of the A to Z Challenge Week That Was

  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge… though I had no doubt you would 😉
    Goodness, you’re always so busy, I can’t believe how many things you can do in just one week!
    And thanks for mentioning Lenni’s survay. Didn’t know it was up. I’m heading over.


    1. Thanks! I feel like I’ve been too busy to visit many blogs. I’m glad for the respite, where I just have to do one post each day…


  2. Another A to Z challenge is over, but some of you are still going great guns. Kudos to your stamina! That was a busy week and the next one looks just as involved. Thanks for the mention!


  3. John, I like your style. Well done! I will continue to follow and get to know you better, now that the A-Z is over…until next year. You rock. Hugs.


  4. Now I’m curious who the BOTB match-up will be.

    Great job again with A to Z, John. You really put in the extra effort!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I didn’t realize there were covers of that song, to be honest. From many of the comments I’m getting, people think the artists should have left well enough alone.


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