BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Give Me Just A Little More Time” (with MMMM!)


If I’ve calculated correctly, today is a freebie day on Monday’s Music Moves Me, so we got us a mashup!

For all my M4 friends, here’s the way Battle of the Bands works: I give you an original tune and two covers. You listen to the covers, decide which of them you like the best, and leave me a comment with your choice, along with a brief explanation of why, if you wish. 

Last month, I did a Stream of Consciousness Saturday post that gave five songs with “gimme” in the title. Naturally, people come up with their choices, including Arlee, who said he never hears the song “Give Me Just A Little More Time” by The Chairmen of the Board anymore, even though it was a pretty big hit back in 1970 (#3 on the Hot 100, #8 on the R&B chart, #3 on the UK Singles chart, and a Gold Record). Since the song didn’t have “gimme” in the title, I had to pass, but just to be sure, I went to YouTube and verified it, and found the two cover versions of the song that will be contestants today. (Angela Clemmons also did a cover of it, and originally her cover was in the running, but I usually get in trouble when I give more than two choices.)

First, the original. This is not part of the contest, so please don’t vote for it.

Here are the contestants:

CONTESTANT #1: Kylie Minogue Kylie recorded the song in 1992 for her fourth album, Let’s Get To It. It was featured in a commercial for Accurist watches at the time. Kylie’s version went to #2 on the UK Singles chart.

CONTESTANT #2: The Jam Punk/New Wave band The Jam did the song sometime in the late Seventies or early Eighties; I was unable to find the album it was on.

Having listened to the two versions, which do you like best? Vote for it in the comments below, and then visit the other folks who might be holding a Battle of the Bands today.

I’ll announce the winner next Sunday, May 7, so be sure and vote by then. The lines are now open. Best of luck to Kylie and The Jam!

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18 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Give Me Just A Little More Time” (with MMMM!)

  1. I like both but when Kylie started doing that sound effect near the end of the song, I just started to snicker. I prefer Jam a bit more because it sounds less like bubble gum music to me that Kylie’s did. My vote goes to Jam


  2. JOHN, I’ve always really liked this song but never knew the name of the group who originally did it.

    Funny, it looks like nearly everyone is in agreement on this one: The original is just head, shoulders, and torso better’n either cover.

    Despite the fact that all of her cutesy posing just about made me gag, I’m gonna go with the crowd on this one and give my vote to Mylie. …Oh, make that Kylie. (I guess all the posturing fooled me for a moment there.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    [Link:) Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…


  3. I agree with Dan – the original beats the c&$# out of either copy. The copies lack the honest feeling of the original. If you held a gun to my head, I’d pick Kylie Minogue, but only under protest.


  4. Not really my thing, but I’lll go with Jam. Next time I’m going to just listen rather than watch the video and listen. The videos seem to distract.


  5. This would have been a good song pick to use at the end of my “It’s About Time” A to Z series. I’ve always liked this song as originally done. Had no idea there were any covers of it.

    The version by The Jam was interesting but not overly enthralling to me. My vote goes to Kylie Minogue–it’s not too bad either.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  6. John, great to have you on the dance floor with the 4M (M4) gang! Today is a fabulous day to do a mash-up, as I did the same thing. Kylie has nice vocals but her style just didn’t seem to suit the song. I preferred artist choice #2. They had more of retro-fit and style that suited my ears the best. Give my vote to The Jam, my friend! Now, I need to do a little catch-up with you while I’m visiting. 😉 Have a dancetastic week and please join Curious as a Cathy for 3 Way “Take It Easy” #BoTB showdown!


  7. You sure I can’t vote for the original, John. I don’t really like either cover. This is one of those songs that I don’t think should ever be separated from the original group. If you have to have a vote from me, and if you’re only accepting votes for the covers, I’ll go with Kylie Minogue, but it’s under protest.

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