The First Week That Was of May, 2017

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Revlon. Here’s Mike Wallace.

Yes, Mike Wallace sold lipstick.

The Week That Was

The week after the A to Z Challenge is always rough because it feels like you have a hangover. I ran behind pretty much the whole week, but got everything out in time. Here’s the summary.


Battle of the Bands coincided with Monday’s Music Moves Me, so I put them both together. The song this week was Chairmen of the Board’s “Give Me Just A Little More Time,” and the contestants were Kylie Minogue and The Jam. Here are the results…

Kylie Minogue: 10
The Jam: 4

Several of these votes were under protest, as the voters felt that The Chairmen of the Board were the only people who should do the song. I can see that, and in fact agree. Anyway, congratulations to Kylie and a pat on the back to The Jam.


Paul McCartney & Wings were the featured artists this week. They had a bunch of hits in the Seventies.


I found an image quote that offered some advice to the airlines (don’t pack people in like sardines, and you won’t have people fighting!), and it seemed to hit a nerve with everyone, because it sparked a lot of conversation.

I told the story of running into a friend of mine from grammar school at my suburban high school, which I wasn’t expecting. Kind of a nice surprise, actually. Fabulous Auntie Jill, who taught at my grammar school, said she remembered him, which would mean he was in my class in grammar school through seventh grade, rather than sixth as I had said originally.

I featured the top ten on WLS radio in Chicago on May 5, 1962. I went with ten because #8 and #6 were Paul Peterson and Shelley Fabares from The Donna Reed Show, and combined with Walter Brennan (who had the #3 song) meant that three of the top ten were by TV people. I find things like that interesting, for some reason.


Linda’s prompt yesterday was “inter-“, and I went with “interpretation,” specifically how things get lost in translation. Of greater interest (for me, anyway) was that I wrote the whole thing on my Kindle Fire using Markdown and everything looked great. That’s a very handy thing to have: it allows you to write a blog entry using text-based markups and turns those markups into the HTML commands. I should do a post about it. I think I will…

All the regular features will be back next week. Tomorrow’s M4 features artists whose birthday is May 8. Tuesday we’ll probably feature another former Beatle who was successful in the early Seventies. Wednesday, I’ll be doing another Wednesdays for My Wife in addition to the regularly-scheduled one-liner. Oh, and tomorrow I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the most-recent A to Z Challenge, so be sure and join us then.

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  1. I’m sure she wouldn’t have won a Battle against the Chairmen, but I thought Kylie did a nice job with the song. I enjoyed it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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