21 thoughts on “Guess The Movie From The Quote!

        1. The reason I remember that line is as follows: The night your mother and Jack got married we were at your house having a party (sans your mother and Jack). You had that crazy dog who bit everyone he could get at. He was contained in the porch area by a fence contraption. He spent the night throwing himself at the fence trying to get at us. We concluded he was possessed by the devil and your Aunt Bitsy and I decided we would perform an exorcism. As was shown in the movie, we stood in front of the fence shaking our finger at the dog and chanted, ” the body of Christ commands you!” —-It didn’t work.


          1. Kuala The Dog From Hell! For some reason I thought it was you and Mr. Cusick that tried… We got him from an organization called Save-A-Pet, that snatches dogs on their way to the gas chamber and tries to find them homes. Damn dog was growling and snapping at me when we went to see him, but Mom brought him home anyway, telling me “oh, he’ll like you after a while…” As I recall he was worse after the attempted exorcism. Thanks for trying, anyway.


  1. Wow, you got some great ones John, but I mustn’t be very good at this game I only recognized two of them! hahahaha! Wizard of Oz and I think the one player was trying for Casablanca, but put your name in there instead… cute! Thanks for posting I think I’ll try it again next Wednesday and see how it goes by me. 🙂 Have a great weekend my friend! I’m off to see the Wizard to see if I can put a review together! hahahaha hugs


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