Smell You Later #socs

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Ever notice that, smell is good, it’s an “aroma,” and when it’s bad, it’s an “odor”? Like the aroma of coffee, but the odor from an outhouse? I mean, no one ever talks about the odor of Chanel No. 5 or the aroma of a corpse flower…

I worked for a man at a department store once who smelled like he never bathed. I feel sorry for the guy now, but back then, everyone in the department laughed behind his back. One day a customer said something to someone in the office, and they transferred him to a position where he had no customer contact. It was probably a cultural thing; the guy was from Eastern Europe and probably moved here sometime around World War II. Maybe he knew he smelled bad but not what to do about it. On the other hand, maybe the people in the office had spoken to him, and he didn’t do anything about it.


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28 thoughts on “Smell You Later #socs

          1. Awwh. Well at least your employer sounds very humane. These days it takes so much less to get let go from a job. Companies could care less about moving people to a position where they fit in better, right?


            1. This was over forty years ago, and the company valued the loyalty of its employees. I ran into him years later, and he was actually a nice guy. Just wasn’t pleasant to work for him.


  1. Oh there’s nothing worse than bad body odor! I remember seeing an interview with a member of a notorious biker gang and he said the reason they lean toward bad hygiene is because the offensive odor keeps people away. So there you have it. 😐
    I really like that you pointed out how we use the words aroma and odor. So right! Never thought about that before…
    Have a good weekend John

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. When you think about it, a foul-smelling person tends to be foul in other ways.

      There was a book I read as a kid, Homer Price by Robert McCloskey. The title character had a pet skunk he named Aroma…


  2. It’s hard to have compassion for someone with bad B.O. but good that we try harder as we get older. I enjoyed the commercial. I imagine a giant would have some serious body odor, but maybe I’m stereotyping.


    1. The thing is, body odor tends to go along with an individual who would be unpleasant even if they didn’t have the foul smell.

      I don’t know too many actual giants, so I have no basis to judge…

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  3. At one time I worked in a rather small news room with a stinky woman. The publisher and editor had spoken to her about the odor. She never cleaned up. She was also grouchy and unpleasant and would grind her teeth while she wrote. It made the most horrible noise. She wasn’t exactly popular.



  4. It’s interesting how different cultures have different beliefs and values based on body scents.
    Some males I’ve met have been very proud of their… “unique, man-made cologne.” Claiming also that others either enjoyed the scent or envied it. (I’m not sure that envy was what I felt, but I’m positive it wasn’t enjoyment.)
    I’ve had a (very, very drunk) college aged girl climb up on me while asking why I smelled like the forest, and asking her (also drunk) friends to sniff me. It was a very bizarre moment. I’m not sure I actually did smell anything like the forest at the time, but that possibly isn’t relevant.


    1. That girl must have really been plowed…

      In much of Europe, showering daily isn’t the norm, and for the most part, they don’t reek too badly. There are some people who really need to shower more frequently, though.


  5. I think as a society on the whole, we over-bathe and over-scent everything. But then there are those …. who could stand a trip or five through a car wash!


    1. I saw something this week that said a bath or a shower doesn’t really kill germs, it more or less re-arranges them, so while showering every day doesn’t hurt, it’s not totally necessary. I think the shower in the morning helps wake you up more than anything…


  6. I try to be compassionate with someone who has an odor, but that doesn’t make it any easier to be around them!


  7. And then there are the ones like my husband who loves the smell of his cologne so much that he over uses it and it is overpowering at times. I mean, I love that he smells good but sometimes I can’t get close to him and breathe at the same time 🙂


    1. I’ve known a few women like that, who smell like they bathed in Chanel No. 5 or something less pleasant. We have a Eucharistic minister who wears a lot of cologne, and there are times the Body of Christ tastes like Jade East. I stopped wearing aftershave almost twenty years ago, not wanting to put someone in anaphylactic shock…

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