The 2017 Memorial Day Week That Was

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Another cheap furniture store in Chicago. I think they’re out of business now.

The Week That Was

Interesting week. I have been having a problem on the outside of my right foot making it excruciating to walk, and Mary convinced me to see a podiatrist. There’s evidently a tendon on that side that I managed to strain. He gave me diclofenac, a much stronger NSAID than naproxen or ibuprofen (but no codeine) and told me to ice it. A day or so later, I’m feeling great, because the diclofenac works on all the inflammation, including in the knees and back. I’m going to see if I can get a standing prescription for it. Anyone else using it?

Here’s the week in review…

Monday was a freebie, so I chose songs that have “diamond” in the title. I asked for suggestions of others, and you came up with a dozen, which we played on Friday for The Friday Five.

Music from my high school years continued with The Temptations, and I added in a song by former Temp Eddie Kendricks.

We got a new badge for One-Liner Wednesday as Dan’s entry reigned supreme, as they used to say on Iron Chef. My one-liner was something I found on Instagram, and the commercial I chose was for Burger King, advertising Return Of The Jedi glassware, some of which you can see here.

Question for all of you who participate in #1LinerWeds: do you keep a list of one-liners to use on Wednesdays? I’ve started doing that, because I have a memory like a sieve anymore. Evernote has become my new friend.

One of the prompts was to write about “staycation,” where you go on vacation but stay at home. We had a great one the two weeks the 1996 Summer Olympics were in town.


Linda’s prompt was “smell,” and ultimately I wrote about a guy I used to work for who smelled like he never bathed.

We’ll feature car songs tomorrow on Monday’s Music Moves Me, and we’ll have a Battle of the Bands on Thursday featuring a song we discussed a couple of weeks ago, when we featured songs with “all” or “nothing” in the title. Plus another act from my high school days, a one-liner, a Friday Five, and writing sparked by whatever Kat and Linda come up with. And, who knows what else? Be sure to join us!

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. For my US readers, have a safe Memorial Day, and be sure to remember those men and women in the Armed Forces who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Tomorrow’s a bank holiday for some of you who don’t live in the US, so have a safe and and restful day off. Everyone else, have a good day, anyway. See you soon!

15 thoughts on “The 2017 Memorial Day Week That Was

    1. I can see where that would be pretty beneficial. Unfortunately, I used to keep notes in Word/OpenOffice, Scrivener, TextWrangler, Google Drive, etc. and was always looking for them. Finally I consolidated all of them into Evernote. I’m better when I only have one place to search…


  1. I’m glad that medicine is helping you. I hope you find out more about it and get more if it helps. Nothing is better that to feel less pain. I wish I knew more one liners but I don’t..or rather I don’t remember:) are you going to be doing something on Gregg Almann??


  2. I am glad the meds are helping you! It’s been a great week and looking forward to the coming week. I use Microsoft Word for everything. When my computer crashed, all my work remained my OneDrive. Whew!


      1. Yes, it does include OneNote. I am off and on with Microsoft, however, I have been using their products since day 1. While I was employed, Microsoft was everywhere I was thus I received all my training via Microsoft. It is far from perfect, no doubt.


  3. John, regarding diclofenac, I was prescribed this when I had a bad knee (eventually replaced). It worked great. However, my Doctor would not give me more than a few months prescriptions because of possible long term side effects having to do, I think, with possible kidney problems. It was a very effective pain and inflammation reliever, however.


    1. I’ll keep that in mind. What I do know is that this works better than all the Aleve I’ve been taking, and I’m sure the Aleve isn’t doing any wonders for my kidneys, either. I’ll talk to my regular doctor and see what he says. Thanks!


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