Two for Tuesday EXTRA: The Allman Brothers Band (RIP Gregg Allman)

I was never much of an Allman Brothers fan. Duane Allman was a guitar hero of mine, and like another guitar hero, Chicago’s Terry Kath, he was the heart and soul of his band, and when he was gone, it was as though the air was let out of them. Gregg Allman, Duane’s kid brother, passed away last Saturday, and the tributes to him are pouring in. And since The Allman Brothers Band was popular when I was in high school, and since I’m looking at music from that period, I felt to add a word or two.

Gregg was a great singer, musician, and songwriter. He was also a person who struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs throughout most of his career. He seemed to have put all that behind him a few years ago, and was clean and sober at the time of his death. My condolences to his children and all who knew and loved him.

I’ve chosen a couple of songs that are favorites of mine. The first song is “One Way Out.”

The second song is “Whipping Post,” which was written by Gregg.

Rest in Peace, Gregg Allman.

14 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday EXTRA: The Allman Brothers Band (RIP Gregg Allman)

  1. I liked them and their songs bring back some great memories but they were not my favorite group. Too many musicians leave us before their time. RIP Gregg.


  2. I thought I wrote here but I guess I didn’t:) It seems many from the hippie era are dying and I can’t help but equate it with the Fast and hard living they did back in the 60’s and 70’s. He was a great musician and, one can say, had a good time and also realized had to clean up his act.


    1. Realized it a little late, but that’s not important. I think the musicians from the hippie era dying has as much to do with them getting older and the effects of the hard living they did, even if they got clean and lived a reasonably quiet life afterwards. Then you have some like Ringo Starr, who will be 77 in July…


  3. We are losing all of our generation’s icons, slowly but surely.
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  4. Gregg and the Allman Brothers band sure played a big part in my coming up years. I forgot about One Way Out! Good song.
    Nice tribute.

    Michele at Angels Bark


  5. Like you, I wasn’t that big of an Allman Brothers fan though I did enjoy listening to their music. It was kind of force fed to me–not what I would have chosen to listen to on my own–and eventually I acquired a taste for their music. I had to. It was played everywhere in East Tennessee in the early seventies. Now hearing it brings back good memories.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I think it was being played everywhere constantly, but I can imagine especially in the South. In my case, I think I was being contrary: I was so tired of hearing how great they were, I took the position that if they were that popular, they were probably not that good.


  6. Nice tribute, John. We agree. We were more influenced by Duane, as well. But, Greg is certainly an integral figure in music of our generation. Thank you for this.


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