Hey! What’s The Weather For The Weekend Gonna Be? #socs

Will it be hot? Cold? Rain? Snow?

I write a lot about the weather, whether it’s good or bad. I’ve done several posts of songs about the weather, including this, this, this, this, and this. I’ve also talked about wanting to be a weatherman, here, here, and here. I don’t know whether you want to go back and look at the posts; I did, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Do you ever do that, go back through your posts and get lost re-reading them? I know I do. Maybe on days when I don’t feel like doing this, I’ll start re-running the old posts. Hasn’t happened yet. You know what else I find when I do that? People who haven’t commented in a while. I need to go back and try and catch up with them. I wonder if any of them are still blogging.

Speaking of commenting: One of the biggest problems I’ve found is commenting on Blogger sites. Not leaving comments, mind you, but getting the replies. Let’s call it an inconvenience and a hassle. You can check a box on the form that says “Email me followup comments,” but then you get every comment, starting with yours, in your email. You then have to figure out whether the email you get is directed at you or someone else. I think I have a pretty workable solution: when I leave a comment on a Blogger site, I put the article in Pocket and tag it “comment.” That reminds me to go back and check the comment and see if there are any replies to it. You might want to try that.


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22 thoughts on “Hey! What’s The Weather For The Weekend Gonna Be? #socs

  1. Partly rainy here. I’m all over the place with giving and receiving comments. I like WordPress because their’s is an easy system to use for comments.


    1. Try the Pocket solution. It’s simple, but it works really well. I suppose you could use any of the other sites that save articles.


    1. I didn’t like the idea that Blogger doesn’t have pingbacks. And yeah, the comment thing. I have a simulcast over there, but there are only one or two people that go there.

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      1. Could be time to look for a free or discounted upgrade deal from your wireless carrier. When I upgraded from an iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 two years ago, Verizon was giving a $100 credit for any trade-in, subject of course to their terms and conditions. After struggling with the 4S’ 16GB, it’s much easier to put all the apps I load up with on the 6’s 64GB.

        The other thing I did was complain about their service rates. That got me a loyal customer plan with unlimited talk and text plus 2GB Of data for $60 a month, before their taxes and other extraneous s#|@ bloats it out to almost $70. It’s still less than I was paying for about the same services.


        1. What a local consumer reporter calls the junk fees… yeah, I know. I’m giving serious thought to going Android next time and buying my phone from Amazon.


  2. When I read the post’s title, my first thought was to check MyRadar and Living Earth. For future radar predictions, I like RadarCast. I used to use Storm for this, but deleted it when they stopped letting you pay to eliminate the row of ads which reduces the radar screen size.


    1. The only thing that works consistently for me is to use a browser and go to weather.gov. Accuweather and Wunderground are just too unreliable. I have a couple of radar apps, but have had to uninstall them, because I only have 8 GB on my iPhone and 5 GB of that is all the apps they put on there that I never use and can’t delete.


  3. Hot and sunny. I wonder about tomorrow. Lemme look. Hot and partly sunny.
    I do the Gmail thing with Blogger, but to be honest, I don’t like Blogger. I read plenty over there, but I hate that leaving a comment or sharing is the only way I can communicate to the blogger that I’m reading.

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    1. I really don’t think Google has done anything with Blogger since they bought it. If you look at the “Comment As” choices, they include your AIM address and your LiveJournal account. I don’t know that anyone has used either in ten years, although I still have an LJ account (not that I’ve ever been able to comment on Blogger using it). The only way I’ve found works consistently is using a Google account.

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  4. I have a separate Gmail account that I primarily use for those Blogger comments. All comments are aggregated into one big comment so that once I’ve seen if my comment got a response I can cancel receiving any more notifications. It’s fast and easy doing it that way.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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