Monday’s Music Moves Me: #1 Songs on My Brothers’ Birthdays

Permit me to be sappy here for a minute: God blessed me with three wonderful brothers. Well, Mom had a lot to do with it, as did Dad and Tex, who was her second husband. Here are the #1 songs in the US and UK on the days they were born. I’m not going to tell you which year; figure it out if you want to know that badly.


Jim (December 11):

US: Elvis Presley, “Jailhouse Rock” You have to figure that Elvis would be in here somewhere.

UK: Harry Belafonte, “Mary’s Boy Child” A Christmas song, which you might expect, it being two weeks before Christmas.

Kip (November 13):

US: The Kingston Trio, “Tom Dooley” The folk boom was in full swing when this one reached #1.

UK: Tommy Edwards, “It’s All In The Game” Simply a beautiful song.

Pat (September 9):

US: Glen Campbell, “Rhinestone Cowboy” Haven’t heard much about Glen, who was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease the last I heard about a year ago.

UK: Rod Stewart, “Sailing” Had to listen to this to make sure this wasn’t the Christopher Cross song of the same name.

And just for good measure, on my birthday, March 25:

US: Les Baxter & His Orchestra, “The Poor People of Paris” A delightful little tune from the days when delightful little tunes made it to the Hot 100.

UK: The Dream Weavers, “It’s Almost Tomorrow” I had never heard this one. Another video of this song had Ed Sullivan saying that they were a group from the University of Florida.

Special thanks to BirthdayJams for their help. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 5, 2017.

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44 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: #1 Songs on My Brothers’ Birthdays

  1. What a cool idea to do the #1 songs on birthdays. And a bonus to have the #1 UK songs too.
    I love Rhinestone Cowboy! I hadn’t heard that Rod Stewart song before. The others I wasn’t familiar with…
    Happy Monday.

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. The site had both the US and UK charts on it, which is good, because sometimes the #1 in England is something we haven’t heard here. Some places even include the Australian charts.


    1. Something like that. XD

      A lot of the British Invasion bands were influenced by Howlin’ Wolf. Certainly the Yardbirds were, which would mean Clapton, Beck, and Jimmy Page were, and the Rolling Stones did a lot of blues in their early days (“Rollin’ Stone” was a Muddy Waters song). They even recorded an EP at Chess Studios, as did Fleetwood Mac (they did a whole album) in their Peter Green days. But you see other bands doing blues numbers as well. Howlin’ Wolf might have been more popular in England than in Chicago…


  2. I like this memory theme. I took a completely different approach to the theme, but perhaps during one of the freebie weeks I will revisit and do it for each of my siblings.



    1. You can have all kinds of fun looking at old surveys and doing songs from them. It’s a good way to Fill in a day when you’re having trouble coming up with a post. I mentioned as another source for this type of information. He has all the #1’s for the US (from 1940), UK (from 1950), and Australia (from 1953). Interesting to compare what topped the chart in each country.


  3. A new Rod Stewart one for me, then I got sucked into watching “If you think I’m sexy” LOL the spandex pants. KIp’s songs are great! Cool idea, John! Happy Monday.


  4. Great way to pay tribute to your siblings and I love all these songs actually. I heard that Glen Campbell can no longer play a guitar and can’t speak anymore which is part of true Alzheimer’s. It’s a sad ending to a great musical talent who probably didn’t help things being such an alcoholic which, by the way, is another form of dementia. My birthday just passed! It was June 2nd and it was nice but I also helped my brother move…actually I cleaned since I can’t carry any boxes etc… due to my disability:) what song would you choose for June 2nd??


    1. Happy belated birthday!

      It’s very sad about Glen Campbell. True, he’s at least partly to blame, but still, what an awful way to go. My brother’s father-in-law had it, and it was very rough on all of them. I’ve known several other people that had it, too, and it’s just tragic what happens.

      I need the year to find the songs, and I won’t ask, but you can go to and get them. I found another today, which is US, UK, and Australia, Have fun!


      1. Thanks a million for the link! I agree about the dementia. My mom has it and I see her often during the week and it’s my mom but…it isn’t. She still recognizes me because she has vascular dementia and she can talk but it isn’t her. I just found out my Aunt, who lives in Brixen, Northern Italy, has the signs of Alzheimer’s which is what her father had. She never drank, ate well, never smoked, exercised and was always learning but it still grabbed hold of her. It is a horrible disease and just plain nasty on the people who get it and the loved ones around them

        Liked by 1 person

  5. John,

    Great tribute to your siblings! Your brother Jim shares the same birth month as me, except he’s four years older. Your brother Pat is 5 years younger than my sister. Some of the songs from the 50s I’ve heard before. I think the only one I recall is Tom Dooley and I think I remember hearing that in my preteen or teen years (early 70s). I love the sound of the 50s. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gals!


  6. I knew almost all these songs (surprised myself) except for the Dream Weavers – hmmm, I would have been three years old for that. I loved the Kingston Trio (M.T.A). One of my husband’s cousins saw Glen Campbell at his farewell concert in Albuquerque – how sad it is, and i understand his mind is totally gone now and it’s “a matter of time”. I By the way, just wanted you to know that I initially clicked here this morning from your newsletter, using my iPhone, and I got one of those “you have 6 viruses on your iPhone; click here to remove” things instead of your website. How dare they connect themselves with your newsletter (I’m sure it was just coincidence). I didn’t have trouble getting on using my laptop but I was holding my breath!


    1. No idea what the virus thing is all about, but I’ve had that happen. I think another site plants a cookie on your phone so that the message comes up, almost at random. As far as I know, there’s no issue with WordPress. I hadn’t heard that song by The Dream Weavers, either. In fact, I never even heard of them before doing this. The things you learn in this job…


  7. Great idea and great list, John! The Rod Stewart song is a new one for me so I’ll have to remember that one! Made me start looking at other key dates and what the number one song happened to be one that day. Lots of fun! Love you, brother!


    1. Love you too, Pat.

      I can’t recall hearing that Rod Stewart song, either, or the ones by Harry Belafonte or The Dream Weavers. I should try it with the Bob Borst site and see what the top songs from Australia were. Funny thing, the three surveys all come up with a different #1.


  8. I met her on the mountain
    There I took her life
    I met her on the mountain
    Stabbed her with my knife.

    Just substitute Kip Holton for Tom Dooley and you have my life story!


    1. You can do it for just about any date. Elsewhere in the comments, I give the URL for a slightly more comprehensive site. I have to compliment my brothers for having been born on good days… XD


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