More Internet Follies #socs

I finally got Comcast to admit that the problems I’ve been having are at their end, and they agreed to send someone out Tuesday to figure out what’s wrong.

Naturally, the Internet is working fine now, but I’m going to have them look anyway, because as sure as God made little green apples, it’s going to go out again, and damned if it hasn’t happened again. No, never mind, it looks fine now.

It’s the weirdest thing. When it’s cloudy (even raining and storming) and/or cool outside, it seems to be all right. When it’s hot and sunny, we have trouble. We’ll be going on fine, suddenly nothing seems to be getting through even though all the lights on the modem are burning bright, then the modem resets and it goes through the process of restarting, and it takes a number of tries by the hardware to establish a connection to the Internet, and often I have to do a hard reset by pulling the plug and plugging it back in after a minute. They say “you can use the Xfinity smartphone app to send a signal to the modem,” and I tell them I do that and nothing happens.

So we’ll have to see what they say on Tuesday. I’ll be working from Starbucks tomorrow, so I can get a lot done then (I can usually knock out three entries in an afternoon). Stay tuned for further updates.


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15 thoughts on “More Internet Follies #socs

  1. Oh…my…gosh. I have Comcast. I am having connection issues, too. It flickers, which just shuts it down or scrambles the waves. Things will freeze, get stuck, or just disappear. Two months of this, probably longer. They called me last week, saying they saw errors on the line. A guy came out, changed connectors, and set up a new modem. Yes. I still am having problems. sigh Good luck.


    1. Even if my connection with the old gateway stays up from now until Tuesday, I’m going to have them check everything. The minute I tell them everything’s fine and they don’t need to come out, something will go haywire. Murphy’s law is there for a reason.


  2. Unfortunately, Comcast has a monopoly on high speed wifi here. A few years ago, a tech came out when we had no trouble, and explained he was checking everyone’s connections, because there were too many reporting outages over and over again. He said for it to work well, all the connections had to be tight, and ours was loose. This did not make me feel good, thinking my loose connections contributed to someone else’s troubles. It sounded so weird, but my son said it’s a thing.
    I hope you get a good tech and they get your situation resolved.


    1. I hope he knows what he’s doing, too. My days of crawling around looking at connections are over. Google Fiber is in part of the metro, but not mine, and I haven’t heard when (or if) they plan on being available here . AT&T is also in the area, so they’re who I threaten Comcast with currently, even though I’ve heard horror stories about them, too.

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  3. Hi John – hope it all gets sorted … these sorts of things are such a time waster … enjoy Starbucks and the work produced! Cheers Hilary


  4. Well, that sucks and I hope it gets fixed on Tuesday. I would have no clue how to fix the simplest things so I’m glad you are getting the help. That anti smoking ad looks typical of many Canadian National Film Board movies from the 60’s and 70’s.


    1. I learned a trick in the process: get their My Account app and have them call you if you have connection issues. Calling them puts you through to Level 1 Support and the person might just know what they have in their binder of common problems, which is info you can get from the website. Plus, they’re usually hot to try and sell you more stuff. I’m not sure if you get a higher level of support when they call you or if they have the people that listen better, but it’s a much better experience.


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