The “Thirty Questions” Meme

I’ve set up a new category for Quizzes & Memes, because sometimes I see quizzes and memes that I’d like to do. Like this one, the “Thirty Questions” meme, that I’ve been seeing in my RSS feed a lot.

  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid? See here.
  2. Which Friends character do you relate to most? Why? I don’t relate to any of them. I never watched the show (which was aimed at a younger audience) and only saw it during rain delays during Braves games.
  3. Do you like your name? Why? Yes I do. It’s simple and easy to spell, at least for me. Not so much for others, evidently.
  4. Are you messy or neat? Messy.
  5. How tall are you? 5’9″ (175 cm).
  6. How tall were you when you were ten? My dad was as tall as I am now. I have a picture of the two of us when I was ten, and he’s about a foot taller than I, so about 4’9″.
  7. What is your guilty pleasure? Ain’t no such thing.
  8. What are you saving money for now? Property taxes.
  9. How many Pringles can you eat at once? Haven’t had Pringles in years (I heard them described as “potato chips designed by the Third Reich”), so I couldn’t tell you.
  10. Tea or coffee? Coffee, absolutely. I don’t like tea. I have to drink decaf because of my blood pressure.
  11. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Yes. I think the term is ambivert.
  12. What will be your Hallowe’en costume this year? I haven’t worn a costume on Hallowe’en since I was 13.
  13. Sweet or salty? Sometimes one or the other, often both.
  14. Favorite social media? My blog, then Instagram. I try to stay away from Facebook and Twitter.
  15. Who is the last person you kissed? Mary.
  16. What is your favorite breakfast? A local restaurant serves a breakfast of three eggs, three sausages, fried potatoes or grits, toast or English muffin. For me, eggs over medium, potatoes, and an English muffin with the sausages, and sometimes I get a couple of pancakes.
  17. When is your birthday? March 25.
  18. When did you start your blog? January 2012.
  19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians? I really don’t have one, and I don’t think they have one about me, either.
  20. How would you describe your style? Retired casual.
  21. What color is your hair? Mostly white with some brown in it. My beard and mustache are all white.
  22. What color socks are you wearing? Off-white. They’re the kind that fit under the Juxtalites.
  23. What is your dream job? I’m retired.
  24. Dogs or cats? Cats, definitely.
  25. What makes you weird? Pretty much everything.
  26. Celebrity crush? Julie Newmar.
  27. Opinion on cigarettes? I smoked pretty heavily until about 30 years ago. Smoking killed some people close to me, so I don’t like it, but sometimes I miss it.
  28. Do you want/have any children? How many? No and zero.
  29. Three favorite boy’s names. My brothers’ names: James, Christopher, and Patrick.
  30. Three favorite girl’s names. Mary, Kathryn (my paternal grandmother’s name), and Genevieve (my mother’s and my maternal grandmother’s name).

The picture I was talking about in #6. I’m the short one with the crew cut.

So, what would you say about any of these? Better yet, do this on your blog, if you haven’t already done so.

22 thoughts on “The “Thirty Questions” Meme

  1. Greatly enjoyed the picture of you and Bill. Did you notice the cars in the background? It’s a small thing, but I hate the lack of originality in car designs these days. They all look the same. Cars had character back then.

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    1. The blue car in the background with the tail fins was our ’59 Chevy Biscayne. A couple of months after this picture was taken (it was at Patsy Nagle’s christening in ’66), we traded in that car for our ’66 Ford Galaxie 500. Dad died a couple of months later… all of which is to say, yeah, cars were memorable back then. That Biscayne had a hole in the floor of the back seat. It was a great car, though.


  2. I’ve thought about doing this on my blog. But then I’ve also thought about posting a lot of things on my blog that I’ve yet to post. Maybe if I get a burst of blogging ambition that requires me to compose some posts I’ll do this. Probably not though.

    Great photo of you and your dad. Love the matching outfits:) You and I looked kind of similar at that age. My father always insisted upon a crew cut when I was a kid until I insisted on a slicker look in 5th grade that required hair grease to keep things in proper order. These days I’ve considered going back to the crew cut except it would only apply to hair on the sides of my balding head and my wife wants me to keep as much hair as I can.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. I’m thinking I need to do more posts like this one. I know I’m already driving Stephen crazy with all the posts (he’s told me) but I think I could do much more. Maybe I need a second blog for this kind of posts. Or maybe not.

      We had a barber in the neighborhood that gave everyone a crewcut, regardless of what they asked for. It’s why I have it long enough to pull back now. Actually, the style I have in the picture is a “Princeton,” where it’s long enough in front where I could make it stick up with Butch Wax.


  3. Yes, love the matching jackets. I wore matching dresses with my mom and little sister once. Thanks for the idea about a blog post and thanks for sharing your 30 with us! No dream job? Did you have your dream job before you retired?


    1. I’m not sure I did have a dream job. I suppose being a big-time guitarist might qualify. I talked about it here.

      There were always the mother-daughter matching outfits, and I think at the time (1966) they were trying the same thing with father-son ones.

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    1. It’s more common for girls than boys, for whatever reason, and real common for twins. Not that they choose to be dressed alike. I’m sure some of them hated it. I don’t remember how I felt about that jacket, but I have a feeling the only way they got me to wear it was having Dad wear one, too. Remember the episode of “Andy Griffith” where they were going to Hawai’i and Aunt Bee bought Andy and Opie matching outfits?


  4. People are so interesting šŸ™‚
    Property taxes, eh? Ours are so low, I think I’ll count that in my blessings tonight!
    I haven’t eaten Pringles since high school. I think they’re really gross and I’m not sure they’re actual food, lol!
    I’m on decaf coffee, too, reduces anxiety.


  5. Love your matching blazers:) those were the days. It must be nice to look back and remember some nice moments. I still like dressing for Halloween and was a witch last time but the time before that I was Goo from Gumby and Pokey.


    1. I remember Gumby and Pokey from the Sixties, but never watched the cartoons (for lack of a better term). So I’ll have to look into Goo.

      I can’t remember having that jacket….


  6. Great post and I enjoyed knowing more about you. I love the photo and the cars in the background are a real treat. We have a 1964 SS Impala, which we adore.


    1. You have one currently? Wow. We saw a Pontiac GTO of similar vintage yesterday. Classic cars are kind of a thing here, aren’t they? I’ve seen several 1950’s sedans lately… brought me back to my youth…

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  7. I had totally forgotten those old Dick Tracy cartoons! And I’m getting such a kick out of the Kardashian comments! Taxi driver… Now THAT’S one you don’t hear very often! šŸ˜€


    1. Those Dick Tracy cartoons were awful from a political-correctness perspective, but when I was five or six they were my favorites. I kind of knew there was something terribly wrong with them, but I didn’t care, and neither did my ethnically-diverse classmates.

      The hat sealed the cab driver thing for me.


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