Two for Tuesday: Cher

I’ve profiled Cher here before (during my “Chanteuses” series). Her solo career had started while she and husband Sonny were still married, and really took off after they separated. During the early Seventies, she had four hits reach the top ten on Billboard‘s Hot 100, spending a total of 26 weeks there, with three of them reaching #1 during that period.

“Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves” reached the Top 10 in October 1971, spending 9 weeks there, peaking at #1 on November 6.

“Half-Breed” reached the Top 10 in September 1973, spending 8 weeks there and reaching #1 on October 6.

Cher, your Two for Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

11 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Cher

  1. I’m always loving Cher even though she should stop wearing the “see-through” outfits even if it is her schtick


    1. I really don’t have any strong opinion of her. She’s had a number of hits that I don’t consider “EBS Specials,” and I liked her on TV, both with and without Sonny, and I’ve seen “Moonstruck” and “Mermaids” and liked her in both, but I’m not the kind that has to download her album the minute it becomes available or will wait in line for three days to get tickets to see her in person or at the movies.


  2. She did both of those songs when we saw her a couple of years ago. Neither one were favorites of mine, but she could still get into the costumes she wore then, which is pretty good for 70-something!


  3. The beat goes on – dominant grade school memories of making up different, sometimes potty-mouthed lyrics for that one. Kinda didn’t bother with Cher after that until Moonstruck.


    1. I think I was with you in Champaign when she had her show, and we saw the episode where The Muppets were on it. She was singing George Harrison’s “Something” and some huge monster-type character was walking around behind her. She got to the line “Something in the way he woos me,” and the monster said, “woo woo.” Strange the things you remember.

      Coming up with “alternate” (sometimes “very alternate” and not the kind of songs you’d sing in front of your parents) lyrics was a grand tradition. I think that’s how “I Love You Because You’re Pretty/You’re Nothing Like The Child In The Pictures” started. The other Johns (Collins and Shanahan) and I used to do that a lot. I had a version of “Yesterday” which ended up being about a bad case of constipation (“Why I cannot go, I don’t know, I couldn’t say”)…

      Ah, memories…


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