Writer’s Workshop: It’s Fixed!

I scrambled for the thesaurus this week when I was asked to come up with a post centered around “treat,” because it has so many disparate meanings. One synonym for “treat” is “take care of,” and that gave me an idea for what to write about, because I took care of something this past week.

You’ve probably learned by now that our Internet service has been flaky for a little over a year. Everything would be fine, then it’d stop working, despite all the lights on the modem burning bright and steady. Within five minutes, the modem would reset and try to re-establish contact with the Internet. Sometimes it would come right back up, other times I’d have to unplug it and start it again.

Before I called Comcast, I bought another gateway and installed it, replacing one that I had bought less than six months earlier, thinking that maybe the modem was defective. The new one worked well for a couple of days, then started acting up again.

I called Comcast and asked them to send someone out to check everything. The Level 1 representative seemed to be more interested in getting me to upgrade my service (adding TV and phone, which we had gotten rid of the year before), but he managed to get it working and I just wanted to get rid of the guy.

Things were fine when the weather got cooler, and I figured they had fixed the problem. All was well until the first day the temperature rose above 80 (sometime in early April), then the problems returned. It would cool down and everything would be fine, then heat up and we’d have trouble. Finally Mary had enough and told me to call them, that it wasn’t going to fix itself.

This time, I spoke to Level 2 Support, who didn’t try to sell me anything and who scheduled a technician to come to the house. The technician did some measurements and said he could see we were losing power somewhere between the street and the house. He found that the splitter that was sending a signal to three different cable hookups had gone bad, so he took it out and ran all new cable from the street to the house. Problem resolved.

It’s a treat having consistent Internet service again…

17 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: It’s Fixed!

  1. Great John .. must make the world of difference. Mine went down this week … end of day, but not up by the time I went to bed, nor in the wee hours … but once I got up it was on again … ‘heaven’ knows why it happens – then sorts itself out … enjoy your special treat!!! Cheers Hilary


    1. See, it would be fine in the early morning when it was cooler, but start acting up when the sun came out and it warmed up. I’d tell them that, and they’d act like I was crazy, but when the guy came out, he says it happens all the time.


    1. I’ve been avoiding callng Comcast because their Level 1 people are just reading the solutions off a card, and I was well past that. If you need to talk to them, use their app and have them call you. You get a better quality experience.

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      1. Our cable company is city-owned and we have great customer service. We don’t need all the movie channels, etc. and our internet is bundled with the cable and have had no huge problems, thankfully.


  2. Oh I’m so glad! New cable huzzah!
    When we were in Georgia, we were told to rent our router because of terrible lightning storms. Then, when we moved back to Indy, we were advised to rent one because of tornadoes. LOL I bet in coastal cities they advise renting due to hurricanes. I think the internet people must make a killing on renting routers, hm?


        1. Same with AT&T. That’s why I don’t go with them. If Google Fiber comes over here, I’ll only go with them if I can bring my own modem. Paying $5 a month for an inexpensive piece of equipment is asinine.

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  3. I never thought of the word treat having all those different meanings but you are right! I’m so glad they found the problem and that it’s now fixed.


  4. It’s so refreshing when a customer service person actually listens and takes the steps to resolve the problem, rather than sending you on a goose-chase or passing you off to someone else. Kudos to the tech! Spotty Internet is so frustrating, especially when you’re trying to write online.


    1. And it’s good when you get people onsite who know what they’re doing. I’ve had a few technicians come to the house who couldn’t find their rear ends with both hands without someone holding a mirror and a flashlight…


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