Writer’s Workshop: 15 Lines About 1,800 Posts

Kat and her family are having a wonderful time, I hope, on vacation, and didn’t mention anything about whether or not we’d still be doing Writer’s Workshop today. I’m assuming we are, so I looked up this month’s prompts and chose one from the group I think we’re on: writing a post in exactly fifteen (15) lines.

This is an exciting time here at The Sound of One Hand Typing. This Saturday, July 1, marks the third anniversary of the day I started posting here every day. Those three years mean that I will have posted on 1,096 days, and that means that July 4 will be the 1,100th straight day. I keep thinking I should do something to celebrate these achivements, but I’m not sure which one I should make a bigger deal.

And there’s that little voice that says I shouldn’t make a big deal out of either, that I should wait until my 2,000th post. I checked to see how many I have, and realized, much to my delight, that this post is my 1,800th. So this is also a special day.

Every blogger has a reason for starting a blog. Whether it’s a good one or bad one, whether they have something to say or just decide to start one for giggles, there is something that gets them going. I started TSOOHT in 2012 because at the time I wanted to be a big-time novelist (as Jethro Bodine would say), and Kristen Lamb said that “If ya wanna be a big-time novelist, ya just gotta have a blog,” but in doing that, I realized I don’t even like to read novels.

Will I write a book someday? I’m sure I will; with 1800 posts behind me, I have more than enough material, and I think I’ve managed to develop the habit of writing every day. But for now, I’m having too much fun to quit, because I love writing like this, and all of you for reading it.

21 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: 15 Lines About 1,800 Posts

  1. Considering Canada will be celebrating 150 years on July 1st, I think a little fireworks is in order on your blog since this is huge! You have been writing every single day for 3 years and always find something to say and you make it interesting. Other bloggers have said that they can’t find anything to say and even leave blog Land. So I commend you and will await what you say for July 1st:)


    1. Definitely join us on Thursdays. There aren’t too many people doing it now, maybe just three or four of us, so everyone’s welcome. Thanks for the kind words!


  2. It is my pleasure 🙂
    I don’t know how many posts I’ve written and I don’t know that I’ll ever finish writing a single book, but I know blogging keeps me sane and blogger people are the best!


  3. What an accomplishment. Something for me to aspire to. Love reading your daily missives and learn so many interesting things. I think you should celebrate them all!


  4. Oh I’m glad you still participated even though I dropped the ball. This vacation has set my clock off and I haven’t been updating like I’d like to! I started my blog for similar reasons. I thought a book might be in the cards for me, but then realized I just like to write. I like looking back on the memories…and I guess that has fulfilled the desire I used to have to publish. So excited to see you approaching those big milestones. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks! I’ve been to Hawai’i a couple of times and I know how it can throw your schedule off. Not as bad as crossing the International Date Line, but still…


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