You May “Ooooh” and “Aaaah” As Appropriate #socs

We begin our fourth year of daily blogging (you may “ooooh” and “aaaah” as appropriate) with a Stream of Consciousness prompt by Dan, who is filling in for Linda, who is no doubt enjoying Canada Day (as are most of you who live in Canada, and I hope you have a good holiday). Dan’s prompt, for whatever reason, are the words “ooooh” and “aaaah,” the words uttered by the thousands of people enjoying or hoping to enjoy fireworks sometime this weekend.

Remember the old Peanuts cartoons, where Lucy would say, “I’ll hold the ball, Charlie Brown, and you kick it”? Charlie, after receiving the solemn promises from Ms. Van Pelt, would get a running start at the football, only to have her jerk it away at the last minute, sending him flying into the air to fall to earth with a loud “thud.” While in midair, Charlie would yell “AUGH!” I always thought that was a strange thing to yell, then I figured out that was Charles M. Schulz’s way of having Charlie yell “AAAAAAAAAAAH!” I still thought it was strange, but at least I understood it. I always thought Schulz was a bit odd himself. I saw a special on him once, and he sounded like Mister Rogers minus any expression. No kidding.

I always wanted to see Charlie Brown kick Lucy’s head off when she jerked the ball away. Can you imagine Lucy’s head flying through the air, shouting “AUGH!”

I’ve been trying to find short clips of Joe E. Ross, who played Gunther Toody on Car 54, Where Are You?, saying “ooh! ooh!” as his character did, or Rick Moranis doing his impression of Merv Griffin on SCTV, which had him saying “ooooooh” when he was excited, or Yosemite Sam growling “OOOOOOOOOOH!” in exasperation when dealing with Bugs Bunny, and naturally I get sidetracked and forget what I was there to look for. Such is life. I did, however, find this McDonald’s commercial from 1982, featuring Frank Nelson, the “Yeeeees?” guy, who squeals “ooooooh!” several times in the commercial.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is sponsored each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now this word from Girves Brown Derby Restaurants.

27 thoughts on “You May “Ooooh” and “Aaaah” As Appropriate #socs

  1. Oooooh and Aaaaaah!! Happy 4th year! I’ll be saying ooooh and aaaah as we shoot off fireworks in our front yard on the 4th. We are the only city around for miles that still allows them. Thanks for giving me a year (I found you last year on the A to Z) of ooohs and aaaahs! (Why do I find those so hard to type?


    1. You’re welcome! Georgia finally allowed fireworks sales a few years back because the state was losing too much money to Alabama and Tennessee, so we have plenty of amateur fireworks displays in the neighborhood. So far, I haven’t heard about any of the kids blowing their fingers off.

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  2. Very good selections. Officer Tootie always said, “ooh, ooh.” Loved Car 54 Where Are You, we have a set of the DVDs. Funny guys. Lucy was pretty mean wasn’t she but I a lot of the Peanuts stuff too like the the both with the sign about Psychiatrist.


    1. We Baby Boomers were really into Peanuts in the Sixties, weren’t we? I think it became too much about Snoopy in the Seventies. I think Schulz realized that the real money was with Snoopy and that he had pretty much run out of stories for the others. I mean, Lucy and Linus ended up having a little brother that they named Rerun because most of the strips involving him were modernized versions of the ones they ran about Linus thirty years earlier. No matter, it remains one of the most popular strips of all time and it’ll run in reruns in perpetuity.

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  3. I don’t have any knowledge with Car 54, other than I’ve heard of it. Peanuts is eternal childhood in a way, hm? Oh how we love to hate Lucy 😛
    Brown Derby! Good grief, THAT I do remember!


    1. There are a lot of episodes of Car 54 on YouTube. Joe E.Ross, Fred Gwynne, and Al Lewis were hilarious.

      Peanuts was one of those cartoons where the kids got to 9 or 10 and just stayed there. Lucy was a real little harridan, wasn’t she?


    1. I think that was a regional chain. They had them in Ohio, and I think the commercial is from either Seattle or Vancouver. Barry wrote his share of jimgles in his day…


  4. Really enjoyed this sidetrack from life (: taking these sounds and associating them with something quite fun really, not the nonesense I get in my head haha


    1. Oh, much less. I think you could actually pay less than $1 a pound for ground beef and get change back from a dollar at McDonald’s. You could eat like a king at Ponderosa for less than $5, and it was actually a good cut of meat.


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