Writer’s Workshop: A Laugh From “Frasier”

This week’s prompt: The last thing that made you laugh.

Mary and I were watching Frasier last evening (it’s Tuesday, so we’re talking about Monday night) and one of our favorite episides came on: “Look Before You Leap,” a show from the third season that aired originally on February 27, 1996. (Thank you, IMDb.) The show opens on February 29, leap year day, and Frasier tells everyone they should take a leap of faith that day.

Naturally, it blows up in everyone’s face. He encouraged his father, Martin, to fly somewhere to celebrate his friend’s sixteenth birthday (the friend was born on leap year day), and the plane develops mechanical failure. He encourages Daphne, Martin’s health-care worker, to change her hairstyle, which she’s been talking about doing, and the result was a disaster and she was in tears. He talks Roz, his producer, into making an announcement on the radio to try and get in touch with a guy she met on the bus; when the guy arrives at the studio with flowers, he tells Roz he’s married, and she nearly beats the man to death with the flowers. For his part, Frasier, who has been asked to make an appearance on public TV and sing “Buttons And Bows” for a pledge drive, announces to all of Seattle that he will instead be singing an aria from Verdi’s Rigoletto. And, well… watch the video….

We laugh like idiots whenever we see that.

30 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: A Laugh From “Frasier”

    1. I admit it: I was a “Froz” shipper. I wanted Frasier and Roz to get together, and there were a couple of times when they almost did. Peri Gilpin is a fine actor and quite lovely. She, Jane Leeves, and Jane’s sister have a production company, though I haven’t seen anything from it. At least, I don’t think I have…


    1. He’s a very good actor. He provided the voice for Stinky Pete in one of the Toy Story movies, too. I heard he was quite good in “Boss,” where he portrayed a mayor of a big city not unlike Richard J. Daley in Chicago. I have to scout those out; they’re bound to be on Netflix or Hulu.

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  1. We are fans of this show! My favourite was the Valentine episode when Niles was getting ready for a date. It is the beginning of the episode and is silent. But, everything goes wrong! Hilarious. Thanks for sharing this! Great start to my day.

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  2. Thanks for the laugh! My favorite skit is one I’m sharing tomorrow (Friday Recommends). Some of your readers have already mentioned it: the one where Niles tries to iron his pants. Frasier reruns every weeknight on one of our “dash” channels (58-2), so we get to see our favorites over and over and over and over …. Fortunately, they all have at least one good hearty laugh, and usually more.


    1. That was inspired comedy, and the thing is, it all starts with him realizing that the crease in his pants isn’t straight, which no one else would notice. But Niles is so fussy and particular that he absolutely MUST do something about it, right then and there. David Hyde-Pierce is a great physical comedian. Remember the thing with shaving cream?

      Cozi TV and the other classic TV channels are standard fare at our house. A lot of it depends on which stations we can pull in with our antenna…


    1. It is! I love the scene at the end where Martin and Daphne are in hysterics about the performance, and you learn they videotaped it and have been watching it over and over, to the point where Eddie grabs the remote and runs away with it.


    1. Both he and Niles were quintessential pompous asses. We especially like the episodes where they try and throw a party and it ends up a disaster, and especially the time they opened a restaurant together.

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    1. It was. I think casting David Hyde-Pierce as Niles was inspired. They were perfect together, and everyone else was just as good. Do you remember Jane Leeves on “Murphy Brown”? She played a secretary who Miles (notice the name!) would ask to these important occasions, even though they barely knew each other. He’d tell her to pretend she knew him, and she would come out with these wild stories about their lives together. She couldn’t have been a better Daphne. Likewise John Mahoney as Martin and Peri Gilpin as Roz. I actually found myself wishing she and Frasier would get together…


  3. I remember being so distraught as Cheers went off the air. And then came Frazier! What a great show. I always loved when Frazier or Miles threw parties! Great fun.


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